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USA, Japan and France make up 85 of 2012 Top 100 Global Innovators

Thomson Reuters released their annual list of the Top 100 Global Innovators of 2012, and once again the USA, Japan & France have dominated the list, making up 85 of the 100 companies selected. Representing 47% of th list, USA continues to dominate in the IP market, up from 40% in 2011. Japan slipped from […]

Seedcamp makes 3 new investments after final 2012 event in Paris

Seedcamp makes 3 new investments after final 2012 event in Paris

Seedcamp Paris has announced three new investments in startups who participated in Seedcamp Paris earlier this month. The startups invested in are Berlin-based, a social network for ‘makers,’ Paris-based, a service ‘summarizing the Web,’ and Cambridge-based Unifyo, which brings contact information “when you need it.” In their announcement, Seedcamp stated that they chose […]

Marissa must be doing well 'cause France wants Yahoo's tax money

Marissa must be doing well 'cause France wants Yahoo's tax money

Chapter 7 of the ongoing sage of “France Tax Authorities investigate Multinational Tech Companies,” with this week’s target being none other than Yahoo! France. Originally reported on BFMTV, Yahoo! France reportedly paid just €462K in taxes on €79 Million in revnue in 2011, or .58% of their revenue. Yahoo joins the likes of Ebay/Paypal, Facebook, […]

After the success of Space Dog, Adictiz releases Duck it!

Fresh off a round of funding, Adictiz has released its latest game “Duck It“, following up the success of Space Dog (Paf Le Chien in France). The new game follows the life of a rambunctious toddler and his ongoing dispute with his sister, which is apparently tested by their apparent ability to kill rubber duckies. […]

The 5 Best (or worst) VC holiday greetings

I’ve often remarked how U.S. venture capital firms are miles ahead of European VCs in their strategies and execution. Mercifully, there is one so-called ‘best practice’ in Silicon Valley that has not really caught on here in Europe: the one-upmanship in releasing humorous holiday parodies. Here are 5 standouts over the past decade (caveat viewer: […]

Paris' most successful VC firm expands to Berlin

Earlier this week, Berlin learned that a new VC had set up shop in their home town, Partech International. The new office, located in the middle of the VC district in Berlin, will become home to Partech Partner Andreas Schlenker & senior associate Gabriel Matuschka, reported Nina Fowler. “In Europe, we do more consumer web, consumer internet-related things […]

The Two Faces of Orange: Innovator & Startup Killer

A few weeks back, Orange made a few big announcements, most of which put them in the ‘oh shit’ category, instead of the ‘startup killer’ category. The ‘oh shit’ title came from their launch of Libon, a cross-platform phone-calling, texting, and communication app that runs off of the 3G network – theoretically, this app is […]

5 French Music Startups that aren't Deezer

One of the most important parts of an ecosystem is to have successful, thriving companies. This not only creates acquisition opportunities for local startups, but it localizes resources – this is often why fashion startups come out of Paris, because the fashion industry is already here. Deezer, however, did not come from a thriving music […]

Top 5 Most Read French Tech articles of 2012

With the year wrapping, and many looking back on the year’s events, Rude Baguette takes a look back at the year’s “greatest hits.” Often unrelated to the most talked about topics in France this year, these articles spread quickly across the web, reflecting a voice or a story that readers felt needed to be told. […]

Most talked about French Tech topics of 2012

Throughout 2012, there were definitely some recurring themes in the French tech scene – to be frank, some companies just make headlines more than others. We’ve compiled our top 10 list, with a bit of the ‘highlight’ news that these companies found themselves in: Google: To quote one reader: “it feels like all you do is […]