Leaked Uber files show records of lobbying, lawbreaking, and exploiting violence against drivers

Tens of thousands of leaked confidential files have revealed a history of lobbying, lawbreaking, and exploiting violence against drivers. The record shows a treasure trove of unlawful and sketchy altitudes from Uber. The files were initially shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and The Guardian. They showed that Uber has knowingly broken laws […]

French tech scene: expectation and prediction in 2022

French tech scene: expectation and prediction in 2022

There has been a rapid growth of the French tech ecosystem in recent years. This is mostly due to an influx of top-notch young professionals, rising VC investments, and an ecosystem that promotes growth. La French Tech is one of the supporting movements attempting to promote the French tech scene. It has been working since its […]

Network crash leaves millions of Three’s UK customers without phone service

Network crash leaves millions of Three’s UK customers without phone service

A network crash left millions of UK users without phone service on Wednesday, according to The Guardian. UK telecom provider Three said that a “significant majority” of its ten million users had been affected, and many customers were reportedly still without service on Thursday. The outage began late Wednesday night during maintenance on Three’s network infrastructure. UK […]

Drone crashes near schoolchildren in Switzerland, postal service suspends flights

A delivery drone crashed in Switzerland in May, less than 50 meters from a group of kindergarten children, after a rope connecting its emergency parachute was severed, according a report Monday from IEEE Spectrum. The drone was transporting lab samples between hospitals as part of a collaboration between Swiss Post and Matternet, a California-based startup. The […]

FRENCH TECH VISA: Who will greet you in 2018?

    A whole new batch of French Tech Visa incubators/accelerators has been certified for 2018. Meaning what? If one wants to settle in France to launch a startup, the door is wide open for the founder and family. Discover how.     Simplified procedure   To settle and work in France, one must obtain […]

French Tech Ticket Program Meets Continued Success

  The ‘French Tech Ticket’ is a program by the French government to attract ‘gifted and ambitious individuals’ from all over the world. It wants to encourage them to settle in France. The reasons for this are obvious. France is battling to become Europe’s tech superpower. Attracting fresh new talent is a sure-fire way to […]

France’s Tech Industry Rallies in Response to European Refugee Crisis

    Rebuilding shattered lives More and more refugees pour into Europe. They were forced from their homes due to the worst kinds of violence and danger imaginable, there have been a wide range of reactions. Failed by governments and mistrusted by many citizens in their new homes, there are yet more who have rallied […]

Web Summit Day One: virtual empathy, sexist data crisis & #strenghties

The following article is a guest post by Susie Hughes, Vice President of Allison+Partners, and Kate Lynch, Director at Allison+Partners. In Mike Krieger of Instagram’s keynote talk yesterday at Web Summit, he said Instagram’s mantra is “Simple things first.” It’s clear that the Web Summit team has taken the same approach over the past six years, […]

When #ParisFounders took over the Hotel de Ville

©Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media   Wednesday October 28th was a milestone in the history of #ParisFounders. It’s been two years that we started this project in a random Parisian café and we couldn’t be happier or more proud to have made it to the Hotel de Ville. Special thanks go to Paris&Co, the economic development and […]

TIA Tokyo2015, leads the way in connecting Asia's ecosystem

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend TIA Tokyo 2015 last week.  Organized by Asia’s tech media powerhouse TechinAsia, TIA Tokyo 2015 not only turned out Japan’s burgeoning tech ecosystem, but also brought out a strong contingent from around Asia and further afield.  Here were some big takeaways and highlights for me from this year’s edition: […]