Oracle wins $30 million after software copyright infringement trial against HPE.

HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) will pay $30 million to Oracle for copyright infringement after a judge found the company guilty of offering customers Solaris software updates without Big Red’s permission. The judgment is the culmination of a 3-week trial in Oakland, California. And it’s set to be contested by HPE. This case was raised initially some years back […]

<strong>Why EU plans to make common charger mandatory for Apple iPhones and other devices</strong>

Why EU plans to make common charger mandatory for Apple iPhones and other devices

The European Commission and lawmakers plan to enforce a law on device manufacturers like Apple and other electronics companies. This law makes it mandatory for all electronics companies, including Apple, to create devices that have a common charging port.  On Tuesday, the commission agreed to a common charger, the USB Type-C, for all devices, including […]

<strong>New York lawmakers enact a new prohibition on Bitcoin mining</strong>

New York lawmakers enact a new prohibition on Bitcoin mining

The New York State Senate has passed a ban that will stop issuing new licenses for Bitcoin mining projects that rely on electricity generated by fossil-fuel power plants.  This law will cut back the recent growth in the Bitcoin mining sector in New York. The bill was enacted by the state Assembly earlier this year. […]

Epic games temporarily wins the right to use its payment system on Google Play 

On Friday, Epic games won a rather one-sided condition against Google App Store payment policies. The decision is backed up by years of litigation between Epic Games and the Google App Store.  Epic Games and Google have reached a temporary ceasefire in their yet to be concluded legal battle over Bandcamp.  Bandcamp is a digital […]

Legaltech provider Evisort discloses $100 million in funding, led TCV

Evisort, a prominent company in contract management and analysis made a public announcement today over a $100 million capital raised in funding for the year. It also includes equity and ventures debt financing.  The company develops AI-powered software for legal firms. And helps companies analyze contract proceedings and documentation.  The project’s series C funding was […]

UK’s big tech regulators to boost switching, cut killer acquisition 

The regulatory body in the United Kingdom has unanimously decided to impose rights rules on tech giants.  Tech giants like Google, Facebook, IOS, and the new giant baby, Meta would have to comply with the newly enacted British rules.  After launching a committed component centered on digital marketing a year ago, the UK government will […]

The transfer deal of EU-US data might be finalized by the end of 2022

The EU-US privacy shield was coined on 12th July 2016. The platform was aimed at enhancing the free flow of EU users’ data to companies within the US.  EU-US privacy shield is a transatlantic platform for monitoring data transfers between the EU and the US. The EU issued some complaints about cross-border data protection. The […]

US will build a case for Russia war crimes in ICC- Jake Sullivan

On Monday, the US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that president Joe Biden would meet allies to ensure President Vladimir Putin and Russia pay the price for war crimes in Ukraine. Sullivan said this when speaking to reporters at the White House. According to him, he had yet to see any evidence that Russian […]

Legal technology and its impact on legal practice

The COVID-19 pandemic clearly brought the emergence and importance of technology into our lives. Undoubtedly, a wide spectrum of industries has been impacted by the introduction of technology and its varied innovations, while several business models have been re-evaluated and restructured to accommodate the use of technology in its day-to-day activities.  The legal industry is […]

European Commission will introduce “right to repair” legislation

The European Commission has announced it will introduce a law mandating “right to repair” for electronics, aiming to cut down on waste by promoting products that can be repaired instead of replaced, according to Engadget.  If the legislation were to be passed, the rules would apply to phones, tablets, and computers, and would force manufacturers to […]