After the success of Space Dog, Adictiz releases Duck it!

After the success of Space Dog, Adictiz releases Duck it!

Fresh off a round of funding, Adictiz has released its latest game “Duck It“, following up the success of Space Dog (Paf Le Chien in France). The new game follows the life of a rambunctious toddler and his ongoing dispute with his sister, which is apparently tested by their apparent ability to kill rubber duckies.

The game, currently available for iPhone, marks the beginning of a change for Adictiz, as they look to break out from their initial hit to create a larger story a la Angry Birds. I caught up with founder Charles Christory, who spoke earlier this month at Appsfire‘s annual Appstories event, in their headquarters in Lille-based accelerator Euratechnologies. Charles told me that, three years after the initial release of Paf Le Chien, the story is about to change. As we see below in their demo video, it’s not just a new character that Adictiz is introducing, but an entirely new game play. The gameplay seems largely inspired by the popular Fruit Ninja, though the challenge aspect adapts to the casual competition games that have grown popular in 2012, such as SongPop or Hangpic.
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