How Metaverse can change Cryptocurrency, may be worth $13 trillion by 2030

In a recent report released by Citi, the US investment bank says the Metaverse economy may be valued at $13 trillion by 2030. Citi examined all the possibilities of the Metaverse, including fiat money, Crypto, stablecoins, and in-game tokens.  According to the global banking giant, to create a smooth user experience, interoperability and seamless trade […]

Meta freezes hiring for certain engineering roles while pausing the hiring of recruiters and low-level data scientists.

Meta freezes hiring for certain engineering roles while pausing the hiring of recruiters and low-level data scientists.

Meta is freezing hiring for some engineering roles and has stopped hiring recruiters and low-level data scientists. While the hiring freeze has made staff fear they might be laid off, the Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has downplayed layoff. In an internal meeting on Thursday, he said that job cuts aren’t being planned.  According to Zuckerberg, […]

This week in apps; major events you need to know.

This week in apps; major events you need to know.

Google’s new ‘multi-search’ attributes hint at AR glasses’ future Google introduced a new “multi-search” feature in April that provides a way to search the web with both images and text at the same time.  On Monday, during Google’s I/O developer conference, the firm disclosed an expansion to the feature, termed “Multisearch Near Me.”  This feature […]

The transfer deal of EU-US data might be finalized by the end of 2022

The EU-US privacy shield was coined on 12th July 2016. The platform was aimed at enhancing the free flow of EU users’ data to companies within the US.  EU-US privacy shield is a transatlantic platform for monitoring data transfers between the EU and the US. The EU issued some complaints about cross-border data protection. The […]

The UK recognizes stablecoin as a valid means of payment

On Monday, the UK government recognized stablecoin as a valid means of payment in the country.  The country is now closer to permitting stablecoin to be used as a means of payment after releasing plans for its regulation.  The UK Treasury revealed that stablecoins would be used within regulation, indicating that it’ll be recognized as […]

Facebook has failed to name 80% of posts promoting bioweapons conspiracy theory

On Friday, the CCDH (Center for Countering Digital Hate) said that  Facebook has failed to name 80% of posts or articles promoting the bioweapons conspiracy theory. And that the US is funding the bioweapon use in Ukraine. This comes as social media firms promise to restrain Russian disinformation on the Ukraine war. Research shows they’ve […]

Facebook halts election reminders in the EU, in response to concerns from regulators

Facebook has paused its election notification feature, after a key European privacy regulator raised privacy concerns, according to TechCrunch.  The social media platform offers an “Election Day Reminder” notification designed to increase voter turnout. A study by the company in 2012 conducted with the University of California at San Diego showed the notifications brought 340,000 additional […]

Digital policy chief says AI and industrial data offer Europe a “second chance” at tech leadership

Europe’s digital policy chief Margrethe Vestager says Europe has a “second chance” to compete with tech sectors in the US and China, by using artificial intelligence (AI) to leverage big data from Europe’s largest companies, according to Politico.  “One of the reasons why we don’t have a Facebook and we don’t have a Tencent is that […]

Europe’s parliament says it won’t use facial recognition, in response to leaked memo

The European Parliament has clarified that it won’t use facial recognition technology, responding to the leak of an internal memo suggesting it could be used for “biometric-based security and services to members,” according to The Guardian. The page has been removed from the parliament’s “digital transformation programme,” and a spokesperson said there “is no project of facial […]

Facebook launches tools for users to track and control third-party data collection

Facebook has launched its “Off-Facebook Activity” tool in the UK and other regions, giving users more transparency and a degree of control over data collected on their activities beyond the social media platform, according to BBC News.  Many websites and apps collect data on a user’s activity and send it to Facebook, where it’s linked to […]