How Pelosi’s Taiwan trip puts TSMC back in the spotlight of US-China rivalry

Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker may have left Taiwan, but her visit has shown a spotlight on Taiwan’s significant role in the world chip supply chain, particularly on the globe’s highest chipmaker, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co). The controversial visit, which angered China, saw Pelosi meet with Mark Liu, the TSMC Chairman. The meeting […]

Denmark bans Google services in schools.

Denmark bans Google services in schools.

Denmark is effectively banning Chromebooks and Google Workspace in schools because of data transfer risks after the Helsingør municipality officials were ordered to execute a risk assessment concerning Google’s processing of personal data. The action comes after heavy criticism from Denmark’s Helsingør municipality against Google’s use of Workspace and Chromebooks for school aims. Datatilsynet Denmark’s […]

<strong>Oracle introduces new sovereign cloud for EU</strong>

Oracle introduces new sovereign cloud for EU

OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) has launched new sovereign cloud regions for its users in the European Union. The news comes as a rising number of governments and companies increasingly move mission-vital workloads to the cloud, needing greater protection of sensitive data in public clouds, especially ones in national jurisdictions and borders. According to Andrea Cesarini, […]

Capitol Hill braces for big tech showdowns

Representatives and advocates for some biggest tech giants are scrambling to prevent key legislation from enacting at Capitol hill before it’s too late. Over the past few days, there has been a battle over big tech bills. It’s now going down the wire. Representatives and advocates for some biggest tech giants are scrambling to prevent […]

Takeaways from the French EU presidency on digital issues

The French Presidency of the European Union Council can now reflect on several achievements in the digital field in its 6-month chairmanship as it hands over to the Czech Republic. The departing French presidency has been productive on the tech front. It has made Europe’s digital sovereignty a major priority. The head of the digital […]

How Metaverse can change Cryptocurrency, may be worth $13 trillion by 2030

In a recent report released by Citi, the US investment bank says the Metaverse economy may be valued at $13 trillion by 2030. Citi examined all the possibilities of the Metaverse, including fiat money, Crypto, stablecoins, and in-game tokens.  According to the global banking giant, to create a smooth user experience, interoperability and seamless trade […]

Meta freezes hiring for certain engineering roles while pausing the hiring of recruiters and low-level data scientists.

Meta is freezing hiring for some engineering roles and has stopped hiring recruiters and low-level data scientists. While the hiring freeze has made staff fear they might be laid off, the Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has downplayed layoff. In an internal meeting on Thursday, he said that job cuts aren’t being planned.  According to Zuckerberg, […]

This week in apps; major events you need to know.

Google’s new ‘multi-search’ attributes hint at AR glasses’ future Google introduced a new “multi-search” feature in April that provides a way to search the web with both images and text at the same time.  On Monday, during Google’s I/O developer conference, the firm disclosed an expansion to the feature, termed “Multisearch Near Me.”  This feature […]

The transfer deal of EU-US data might be finalized by the end of 2022

The EU-US privacy shield was coined on 12th July 2016. The platform was aimed at enhancing the free flow of EU users’ data to companies within the US.  EU-US privacy shield is a transatlantic platform for monitoring data transfers between the EU and the US. The EU issued some complaints about cross-border data protection. The […]

The UK recognizes stablecoin as a valid means of payment

On Monday, the UK government recognized stablecoin as a valid means of payment in the country.  The country is now closer to permitting stablecoin to be used as a means of payment after releasing plans for its regulation.  The UK Treasury revealed that stablecoins would be used within regulation, indicating that it’ll be recognized as […]