Is Globalization Over? And Has the Global Culture War Started?

It’s no news that the process of globalization has slowed. In some cases, it has kicked into reverse. In fact, the world isn’t converging. It’s somewhat diverging.  Immigration flows have reduced, and as reported by the Economist, the global trade fell by 5% between 2008 and 2019, accompanied by fresh tariffs and trade barriers. Also, […]

<strong>European Council Report faults Slovakia’s approach to national minorities</strong>

European Council Report faults Slovakia’s approach to national minorities

A Council of Europe report has criticized Slovakia’s approach towards its national minorities.  The Council of Europe’s Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities said there are grounds to suspect that the Slovakian officials might still be applying the 1945 regulation on property confiscation via the Beneš Decrees that targeted […]

<strong>Russian forces look to take control of Severodonetsk as it aims to destroy the whole Donbas step by step, says Zelenskyy</strong>

Russian forces look to take control of Severodonetsk as it aims to destroy the whole Donbas step by step, says Zelenskyy

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, has disclosed that the Donbas region of the country is continuing to witness what he termed “massive air and artillery strikes.” According to the president, “The goal of the occupiers in this direction remains the same – they want to destroy the whole Donbas step by step.”  The president equally […]

EU parliament resolution condemns Azerbaijan’s erasure of Armenian history

The EU parliament resolution has condemned Azerbaijan’s Erasure of Armenian History. The European Parliament voted on March 10, 2022, to adopt a Joint Resolution on the destruction of cultural heritage in Nagorno-Karabakh.  The resolution strongly condemned Azerbaijan’s destruction of Armenian churches, monuments, and historical sites in the Nagorno-Karabakh war after the November 9, 2020 ceasefire. The […]

Report shows Airbnb is crowding out long-term housing in the UK

Airbnb’s short-term rentals are exacerbating a housing shortage and crowding out local communities, according to a report from The Guardian.  The Guardian cross-referenced a database of Airbnb listings with government housing data. While the database included shared rooms, private rooms, and entire homes, 67 percent of the listings were for whole apartments. In some areas, the analysis found […]

How Tech Giants Use Social Media Against You

In late April, news broke that Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft had collectively spent half a billion dollars trying to convince the U.S. Government that it’s okay for them to exploit our data and not pay taxes. Facebook and Google spent most of their lobbying money on privacy issues, whereas Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft […]

Let’s clear up the Russian trolls involvement in the Last Jedi bashing

“Half of negative tweets about the Last Jedi were the works of Russian trolls”. It’s the breaking news of the week since researcher Morten Bay released his preprint paper. But aren’t we a little quick in jumping to conclusions? I’m a Star Wars fan since the Empire Strikes Back (yes, I’m that old).  So when […]

#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY: Why France’s startups can no longer “Pitch”

A strange battle is taking place in France right now. A cake maker is threatening startups of legal action for using the word “pitch”. This could seem like a comical slip-up if it weren’t, in fact, tragic for France’s image abroad.   Pasquier vs Startups The “startup nation” is taking an unexpected blow. Keen to […]

Where does France really stand in the Tech World?

We like to put things – and people – into neat little boxes: this country is good at inventing, this one does well in computer sciences. How much if it is true? The OECD has just released a comprehensive report on Science, Technology and Industry for 2017. Maybe it’s time to set the record straight. […]

Why it is wrong to worry about Robotics and AI

Sutton Trust releases report showing robotics and AI will worsen social mobility   What it said and why it’s wrong by Luke Chambers   One of the most repeated terms in relation to robotics is ‘Robotics will lead to significant job losses’ and ‘robots are replacing our workers’. So much so that it now competes […]