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A Drone, a Robot, and a 3D Printer Walk into a Bar…

Connected Conference 2016 is just around the corner! You can check out the program on our website.  We are starting off with a bang on May 25th with our first session, “3D Printing Robots in Space (and Other Versions of The Future)” followed by, “Oh My Drone!”. Where else would you find an event that takes a […]

From Paris to San Francisco: Tribe the experiential messaging app hits 200K users

From Paris to San Francisco: Tribe the experiential messaging app hits 200K users

If you think you’ve got your messaging app needs covered, try a “walkie talkie for videos” on for size. Tribe is an alternative to text messaging and live video chat – users can chat via 15-second ephemeral video messages that can be picked up at their convenience, and disappear after viewing. Messages can be sent […]

Fubiz sees 40% growth on the backs of our constant need for meaningless inspiration

Fubiz sees 40% growth on the backs of our constant need for meaningless inspiration

Fubiz is a Paris-based brand content publisher with a focus on lifestyle, products, and art. To sum it up this ten-year-old “start-up” is essentially a fusion between Instagram, Nowness, and Bisly who creates pretty content for people to look at. This is a site to visit when you’ve reached the bottom of your facebook newsfeed […]

There’s a new « mot de buzz » in town

Maybe it’s because I was out of France for 8 of the past 11 weeks, but it feels like there’s a new buzzword in the air: Ubérisation It’s difficult to open a French website without the seeing the word in a headline; journalists cannot get enough of it. One would be forgiven for thinking that […]

Reform without innovation: why the French labor reform is inconsistent with social progress

The French labor reform has led to considerable controversies and serious opposition from labor unions and students. The draft bill, envisaging to help firms getting around easier the 35-hour work week, limiting severance payouts and reducing unions’ power to block company moves, has as an objective to safeguard and promote the competitiveness of businesses operating […]

Democratizing Robotics: InMoov lends the future of AI a hand

If all you saw in robotics yesterday was Microsoft’s failed attempt at it, then it was kind of a disappointing day for artificial intelligence. The humans built it, and the other humans broke it… bummer. Luckily for me, I was at Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville where got to spend time with InMoov, the world’s […]

ParisFounders Spring Edition Fuses San Francisco & Paris on April 22nd

Rude Baguette is proud to announce our ParisFounders Spring 2016 Meetup, which will focus on the Paris-San Francisco connection. Since 2013, ParisFounders has been the #1 networking opportunity in Paris to meet with founders, investors, journalists & innovators. Each edition, we bring together 750 attendees and have 5 Demo’s on stage and 5 Interviews with headline-making […]

I’ve got 99 ways to pay and cash ain’t one

Back in 1993 Wu-Tang Clan came out with their biggest hit C.R.E.A.M. (cash rules everything around me); fast forward 13 years and its more like I’ve got 99 ways to pay and cash ain’t one. We have gone from having one way to pay to way too many; enter Limonetik.  The French startup created a solution; they took […]

Payment terminal leader Ingenico on a warpath to reinvent payments

Ingenico is a French financial company that is most well-known for their hardware. You’ve probably seen it, almost every time you make a payment by card or phone it is through one of their POS devices. What sets them apart, however, its their level of service along with the quality and diversity of their hardware. This […]

Farming in Paris: fact or fiction?

The defining characteristic of La French Tech is, arguably, innovation for a global market. Irrefutably the darling of CES 2016 and a growing leader in fields including, but not limited to, big data, mobile gaming, ad-tech, IoT, sharing economy and med-tech, France’s startup footprint is starting to look more like the makings of a global […]