Kate Light

Microsoft’s BizSpark Offers A Helping Hand to the Startup Community

What started out as two young men working in a garage in Albuquerque in 1975, turned into a Fortune 500 company. Fast forward to today and Microsoft is offering guidance and new technology to young startups, just like they once were. Over the past few years, Microsoft has been moving into a new realm of […]

Sleep tight with Dreem

Sleep tight with Dreem

The days of the sun-based sleep cycle are long gone. We’re no longer syncing ourselves with the cycle of natural light, but rather with the artificial glow from our phones and computers. In the beginning, we didn’t bother thinking about the physical side effects of overexposure to florescent glows and “Sleep when your dead” became the mantra of the […]

A Drone, a Robot, and a 3D Printer Walk into a Bar…

A Drone, a Robot, and a 3D Printer Walk into a Bar…

Connected Conference 2016 is just around the corner! You can check out the program on our website.  We are starting off with a bang on May 25th with our first session, “3D Printing Robots in Space (and Other Versions of The Future)” followed by, “Oh My Drone!”. Where else would you find an event that takes a […]

Fubiz sees 40% growth on the backs of our constant need for meaningless inspiration

Fubiz is a Paris-based brand content publisher with a focus on lifestyle, products, and art. To sum it up this ten-year-old “start-up” is essentially a fusion between Instagram, Nowness, and Bisly who creates pretty content for people to look at. This is a site to visit when you’ve reached the bottom of your facebook newsfeed […]

I’ve got 99 ways to pay and cash ain’t one

Back in 1993 Wu-Tang Clan came out with their biggest hit C.R.E.A.M. (cash rules everything around me); fast forward 13 years and its more like I’ve got 99 ways to pay and cash ain’t one. We have gone from having one way to pay to way too many; enter Limonetik.  The French startup created a solution; they took […]

Payment terminal leader Ingenico on a warpath to reinvent payments

Ingenico is a French financial company that is most well-known for their hardware. You’ve probably seen it, almost every time you make a payment by card or phone it is through one of their POS devices. What sets them apart, however, its their level of service along with the quality and diversity of their hardware. This […]

Pigeons reveal the Dirty Truth about the Air We Breathe

Try googling “Pigeon Pollution” and you’ll get 150 articles about backpack carrying pigeons circling the London skies. This isn’t your Eastpack from high school, these are mini pollution tracking pouches used to gather data. Through their website or mobile app you can find a comprehensive minute to minute report of your towns air quality and even advice for which activities to avoid on […]