I’ve got 99 ways to pay and cash ain’t one

I’ve got 99 ways to pay and cash ain’t one


Back in 1993 Wu-Tang Clan came out with their biggest hit C.R.E.A.M. (cash rules everything around me); fast forward 13 years and its more like I’ve got 99 ways to pay and cash ain’t one. We have gone from having one way to pay to way too many; enter Limonetik.  The French startup created a solution; they took all alternative forms of payments (including wallets and even bitcoin) and integrated them into one single outlet.The two co-founders, Christophe Bourbier and Olivier Berthelier spent 3 years in R&D to create a tool which offers over 150 different payment options, along with special options such as discounts earned, loyalty programs, and a little thing we Americans refer to as ca$h back.

This week UATP, the airline-owned payment network, welcomed Limonetik to help them manage their transactions within their very global client base. Clients are experiencing fewer restrictions through a sort of one stop shop where almost every form of payment is accepted. “This partnership gives airlines the opportunity to easily customize their alternative payment acceptance portfolio while avoiding the burden of managing new partnerships, connectivity, and system changes,” said Ralph Kaiser, president and CEO, UATP.

When we talk AFPs, Fintech comes to mind. I see the term Fintech as a very non-provocative label used to reference a more profound movement where users’ trust is being redirected from big banks toward smaller, sometimes independent banks and lenders. Companies like Limonetik are stepping into the game not just as a Fintech solution but also as a revolutionary tool that enables citizens, small businesses and the like to regain control over their own cash power and, subsequently, redefine the way we operate.

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