Payment terminal leader Ingenico on a warpath to reinvent payments

Payment terminal leader Ingenico on a warpath to reinvent payments


Ingenico is a French financial company that is most well-known for their hardware. You’ve probably seen it, almost every time you make a payment by card or phone it is through one of their POS devices. What sets them apart, however, its their level of service along with the quality and diversity of their hardware.

This has been a big year for Ingenico, more like a big decade. Starting in 2009 this company has run a shopping spree snatching up competitors left and right, including Ogone, in 2013, for $484 million and Global Collect in 2014.

Their 2009 acquisition of ROAM is the most interesting because along with the purchase they will also maintain their original office in Boston, reinforcing their global position. And considering that the United States is cash’s no-mans-land Ingenico will have great opportunities to showcase ROAM’s hardware; mPOS. The Mobile payment system will target a whole new demographic, including pop-up shops, in-flight purchases, and even in the ailes so as to avoid the dreaded check-out line.

Is an 82% increase in revenue aggressive? yeah. Is it do-able? For Ingenico, probably, which is exactly what they are setting out to do. Their 2015 revenues come in at 2.2 billion euros, and for 2020 they want to hit 4 billion. For most other companies the market would be betting against them, but because payment options are diversifying we need machines that can accommodate as well as grow with companies and provide them with solutions.


A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Ingenico bought Hypercom in 2011 and that Roam was bought in 2015.

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