A Drone, a Robot, and a 3D Printer Walk into a Bar…

A Drone, a Robot, and a 3D Printer Walk into a Bar…

May 25-27Le Centquatre5 Rue Curial, 75019 Parishttp---connectedconference.co- (1)

Connected Conference 2016 is just around the corner! You can check out the program on our website.  We are starting off with a bang on May 25th with our first session, “3D Printing Robots in Space (and Other Versions of The Future)” followed by, “Oh My Drone!”. Where else would you find an event that takes a unique look into the future while applying technology in creative ways? Our speakers this year include Barbara Belvisi, the CEO and Founder of the Hardware Club, to talk financing in the startup world; Vernon Kerswell, the Founder of Extreme Fliers and drone specialist; and Vibhu Norby, the CEO and Founder of B8ta, the brick and mortar retailer that presents the latest tech still in the beta stage.

This year we’re featuring 9 tracks which correspond to 9 intersections between Industrial & Internet innovations; 3D meets AR/VR, Home & Security, Drones & Video, Cars & AI, Health & Wearables, Retail & E-commerce, Bits & Pieces, Telcos & APIs, and Cities & Data. This is a lineup not to miss, our Startup Village will also be featuring companies like Aryballe Technologies, who have created a technology that quantifies odors! And Formlabs, who will show us all the ins and outs of 3D printing.

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There will also be a return of the Connected Home (a favorite of last year). Step into the home of the future! Go crazy with the hand-picked connected hardware that is plugged in and ready for you to play with! And if you think your home is ready for some updates, you can buy these products after testing them out.

Check out the program on the Connected Conference website, where you can also buy your tickets. Our Full Access tickets will be on sale until April 3rd before late-bird prices kick in, so you should probably get yourself registered (see below)! You should also sign up for our Connected Conference Newsletter, where you will receive weekly reports on the event.