Meera Innes

Idinvest makes global strides with 2 new Series B investments

Frichti, a French food delivery startup, raised 12€ million and Planday, a Danish workforce management SaaS platform, scored 14€ million this week, both from IdInvest, underscoring the growing trend of European startups raising growth-stage funding in 2016. Following’s market report finding that French venture capital is weak both in Series B and international funding, […]

Europe’s loveliest startup offices and coworking spaces

Europe’s loveliest startup offices and coworking spaces

While we’re not all working out of Mom’s garage, many of us can relate to startup life in less-than-optimal conditions. When you’re starting out, running water, electricity and (obviously) wifi are about the primary benchmarks for somewhere you can set up operations – heck, it’s part of the charm. More than once, we’ve had someone […]

Butlers & babysitters & bots, oh my! 3 French startups making homes smarter

Butlers & babysitters & bots, oh my! 3 French startups making homes smarter

There was a great showing at Hacking de l’Hotel de Ville last week from the Internet of Things, including French startups that stole the show at CES 2016. From babies and entertainment to indoor lighting and air quality, these startups are setting a new bar for the quality of home life. The Smart Remote is […]

From Paris to San Francisco: Tribe the experiential messaging app hits 200K users

If you think you’ve got your messaging app needs covered, try a “walkie talkie for videos” on for size. Tribe is an alternative to text messaging and live video chat – users can chat via 15-second ephemeral video messages that can be picked up at their convenience, and disappear after viewing. Messages can be sent […]

Democratizing Robotics: InMoov lends the future of AI a hand

If all you saw in robotics yesterday was Microsoft’s failed attempt at it, then it was kind of a disappointing day for artificial intelligence. The humans built it, and the other humans broke it… bummer. Luckily for me, I was at Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville where got to spend time with InMoov, the world’s […]

Farming in Paris: fact or fiction?

The defining characteristic of La French Tech is, arguably, innovation for a global market. Irrefutably the darling of CES 2016 and a growing leader in fields including, but not limited to, big data, mobile gaming, ad-tech, IoT, sharing economy and med-tech, France’s startup footprint is starting to look more like the makings of a global […]