Alexis Bley

Reform without innovation: why the French labor reform is inconsistent with social progress

The French labor reform has led to considerable controversies and serious opposition from labor unions and students. The draft bill, envisaging to help firms getting around easier the 35-hour work week, limiting severance payouts and reducing unions’ power to block company moves, has as an objective to safeguard and promote the competitiveness of businesses operating […]

France converging its open data strategy with startup innovation

France converging its open data strategy with startup innovation

On Tuesday, January 12th, Secretary of State Axelle Lemaire invited several entrepreneurs to the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the frame of the #dataday to underline the economic measures of the « Projet de Loi pour une République numérique », as well as to exchange on which strategy to adopt to make the access on open […]

Axelle Lemaire ’s projet de loi clears the way for open government

Axelle Lemaire ’s projet de loi clears the way for open government

On November 18th, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs Axelle Lemaire invited the representants of the independent administrative authorities as well as the general data administrator at the digital innovation center NUMA in Paris to draw general conclusions around the online consultation of the Projet de Loi pour une République numérique. The discussion on the […]

Europe’s position on data protection: The story of a huge gap between ideal and reality

It is not always easy to see a clear line in the difficult relationship Europe maintains with its core values and data protection policies. The current development aims to point out contradictions on the European fight for increased data protection and to give a sense of responsibility to our governments when it comes to protecting […]

What you need to know about the bill for a French digital Republic

The « Projet de loi pour une République numérique » is finally in the starting gates after it was first announced in autumn 2012. What makes this bill special is that, from now on, and for the next three weeks, it will be open for public debate and proposals. An online consultation platform, designed by the […]

Right to be forgotten: CNIL and Google’s arm wrestling match is only the symptom of a deeper disease

We often say, « the truth lies somewhere in between ». That’s exactly what applies to the arguments put forward in the battle the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL), a French independent authority in charge of data regulation, is fighting with Google for the implementation of the « right to be forgotten ». The […]

The increase of the public broadcasting tax: a smart political maneuver based on a big fat lie

The public broadcasting service (audiovisuel public) is a sector in crisis; there is no doubt about that. The financial difficulties it has faced over the last years, with Radio France employees protesting earlier this year against restructuring plans and refusing to work for 28 days in a row, have largely shown the desperation within the […]

France24 plans partnership with Mashable and raises questions of unfair competition

Recently, the news of a joint project to be realised between French public information channel France24 and US private digital media website Mashable has created a big buzz. Indeed, both companies plan to launch an online media website covering tech and international news in French. France24 is since 2008 wholly owned by the French government […]

France clears the track to enhance the development of autonomous cars

Experiments have been conducted on automating vehicles since the 1920s, but no doubt recent technological innovations in the automobile industry are going to have a revolutionary impact on our way of using cars. And France wants its industry to play a major role in this. If hexagonal constructors and equipment manufacturers have already performed tests […]

Babolat teams up with PIQ to launch new tennis technology

PIQ, a Swiss start-up, is taking a further step in imposing itself on the market of connected objects in the sports industry by partnering with French global tennis company Babolat. After PIQ raised in May this year 4.9€ million and introduced its multisports sensors in Golf with Mobitee, the start-up is now taking a further […]