Fubiz sees 40% growth on the backs of our constant need for meaningless inspiration

Fubiz sees 40% growth on the backs of our constant need for meaningless inspiration


Fubiz is a Paris-based brand content publisher with a focus on lifestyle, products, and art. To sum it up this ten-year-old “start-up” is essentially a fusion between Instagram, Nowness, and Bisly who creates pretty content for people to look at. This is a site to visit when you’ve reached the bottom of your facebook newsfeed and need something mindless to fill your time; because this is a place where tiny finger tattoos are classified as news.

Although Fubiz has countless competitors, including Mymodernmet, designinspiration, and LostatEminor, they have managed to climb the ranks thanks to their slightly provocative inspirational graphics and unmatched content layout. While I myself am not a huge proponent of content creation on a grand scale such as this, I can see the draw, especially when it’s done well.

In fact, Fubiz is in a really interesting position as evidence by a few key numbers; 40% of their readers are outside of France. Also taking into account that they plan to open an office in London and New York give them a huge global advantage. They also have a growth of +430% in social reach, which proves that they’re doing something right. Obviously through their diverse base of collaborators they are able to reach a larger community, while simultaneously offering fresh perspectives.

We know that the world’s communities are becoming more and more connected through the overload of content being posted on every proverbial wall on the internet. But maybe the important thing to take away from this is why. In a way inspirational media sites are like a 2D VR for those who seek new experiences and exposure to foreign design, ideas, and ways of thinking but don’t have the means, knowhow, or time to have first hand experiences. The more we start living in this virtual space, the more interesting it becomes.