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100 French Train Stations will have Free Wifi in 2013

SNCF has been stepping up its transition into the digital age of late and now is taking an even bigger step forward. This past Friday, Fleur Pellerin and transport minister Frédéric Cuvillier announced a range of new digital initiatives that SNCF would put into place in the coming months. The biggest announcement was that by […]

Civilians may be indifferent to government spying, but Businesses will take a hit

Civilians may be indifferent to government spying, but Businesses will take a hit

Yesterday, an exclusive report from LeMonde brought to light a French program similar to that of the United States NSA program PRISM, which was revealed last month by former NSA employee Edward Snowden. Naturally, the program had many surprised, though admittedly less so than that of the US program, as we have also learned of a […]

[SPONSORED] Don’t shoot your startup in the foot by settling for a second-rate domain name

[SPONSORED] Don’t shoot your startup in the foot by settling for a second-rate domain name

Domain names are the real estate on which startups reside, and you know what they say about the three most important rules for real estate: location, location, location. For startup domains, “location” is all about having the right name – not too long, not too short, unique in its category,… the list goes on, but […]

After crowdfunding 6x its Kickstarter campaign, small object tracker Tile available in France today

In an attempt to help people find their lost items, Reveal Labs is launching the Tile. The Tile is a small piece of hardware that can be attached to our most important objects. It houses a low powered Bluetooth antenna to allow users to find their objects through the dedicated iOS app. The concept is […]

LeCamping’s Smiirl launches Fliike, a real-time Facebook Counter for Brick & Mortar stores

At the very core of the Internet of Things is the idea of creating communications & synergies between two objects, normally your smart-phone and another piece of hardware; however, perhaps LeCamping startup Smiirl (“Social Media Integrated In Real Life”), whose ambition is to “build original & connected objects designed for businesses” has stumbled upon the […]

Startup Safary turns to crowdfunding for its mega Berlin startup event on September 6th

Startup Safary, founded in 2012 and based in Krakow and Cologne, is focused entirely on delivering startup immersive experiences for those passionate about burgeoning tech ecosystems across Europe. Thus far, they’ve made a name for themselves through their Startup Safary Office Tours whereby groups of about 20 participants visit about 4 startups for Q&A sessions […]

Deezer, LaPoste, VLC, and other sites taken offline after major Iliad Datacenter Outage

Yesterday, a major outage at the Iliad Datacenter located in the Paris region brought down many sites, including that of Rude Baguette’s, but more notably Deezer, LaPoste, VLC, and hosting provider According to our logs, the outage started between ten and eleven thirty (we went offline at 11:23AM) and lasted until 4:30PM. UPDATE: Arnaud […]

Glossybox announces 200K subscribers & 4M boxes sent. Are Subscription Boxes here to stay?

Beauty subscription box Glossybox has now sent over 4 Million boxs to its 200,000+ subscribers – that’s a lot of beauty products. Based out of Germany, Glossybox currently operates in 15 countries, including France, where it competes with Joliebox (acquired by Birchbox in 2012), and employees more than 300 people. While the market is quite […]

With the launch of Accelerator Assembly, Europe’s accelerators now have their own network

Backed by the  European Commission’s Startup Europe initiative, Accelerator Assembly was officially launched yesterday. Based in London and led by Seedcamp, TechStars, Startup Weekend, Bethnal Green Ventures, Seed-DB, Nesta and How to Web, Accelerator Assembly is a pan-European network for accelerators with the objective of “sharing best practices and learnings on how to improve knowledge on […]

Media for Equity fund 5MVentures launches with investments in YouBoox & JobAroundMe

The first Media for Equity fund in France has launched. With the support of ClearChannel and 20Minutes, 5MVentures announced investment in the subscription model eBook vendor YouBoox as well as local job board company JobAroundMe. We’ve already written about YouBoox’s success so far, and it will be interesting to see how their Media for Equity exchange will […]