Deezer, LaPoste, VLC, and other sites taken offline after major Iliad Datacenter Outage

Deezer, LaPoste, VLC, and other sites taken offline after major Iliad Datacenter Outage

Iliad Datacenter

Yesterday, a major outage at the Iliad Datacenter located in the Paris region brought down many sites, including that of Rude Baguette’s, but more notably Deezer, LaPoste, VLC, and hosting provider According to our logs, the outage started between ten and eleven thirty (we went offline at 11:23AM) and lasted until 4:30PM.

UPDATE: Arnaud be Bermingham, CEO of Online.Net, has issued a statement saying that the downtime occurred between 11:29AM and 11:41AM, affecting 2 rooms, a total of 30% of their Data Center. Ongoing downtime to sites, such as Deezer (which Tweeted that they were back up at 2:11PM) may have been caused by other factors.

A level 4 data center, the Iliad Datacenter is one of the most high-performing, high-security datacenters in France – although Luxembourg has higher-level datacenters – and counts Canon, Pixmania, LePoint, and RueDuCommerce among its clients, in addition to those mentioned above.

While outages like these aren’t common (you may recall Amazon’s East Coast outages which took out Instagram and other popular services), websites lacking redundant version of their site (mea culpa) will continue to be at risk for situations like these, however rare they may be.

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