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Deezer teams up with FNAC to suggest concert tickets to users

Looking to offer their users a more comprehensive music experience, Deezer has announced an exclusive deal with FNAC’s France Billet ticket business to facilitate purchases of concert tickets directly on their platform. Having offered users the ability to listen to and purchase digital downloads of streamed music, going one step further and connecting streaming to […]

TvShow Time raises €500K & brings its mobile TV guide to the web

TvShow Time raises €500K & brings its mobile TV guide to the web

TvShow Time announced today that it has secured 500,000€ from Jean-David Blanc (Allociné), Daniel Marhely (Deezer), and Xavier Niel for its mobile TV guide app, which it also launched on the web today. Cofounded by Antonio Mendes Pinto & Talal Mazroui, the app allows you to track your favorite shows, receive notifications when new episodes are released, […]

KIMA-backed VidCoin helps free-to-play games monetize with targeted video ads

KIMA-backed VidCoin helps free-to-play games monetize with targeted video ads

The ever-present KIMA Ventures have announced a seed investment in VidCoin, a Lyon-based startup that specializes in sponsored video content for video games. While they have not announced the amount of the investment, given KIMA’s typical investment size, the amount is likely between 100K and 500K€, so for the sake of having a number let’s call it […]

Iubenda launches its privacy policy service in French, offers 50% discount for 48 hours

For those who own or manage an online store, a mobile app or a Facebook application, privacy policy means a lot of tedious work and a constant stress to keep it up to date with local rules on the matter. Iubenda is a privacy policy generator, and as such, it makes the process very much […]

It turns out, French Startups hire! Join us Sept. 14th for the first Paris Startup Job Fair!

The reality is: we don’t spend enough time talking about the fact that French startups are hiring at a time where most technology companies are laying people off or on a hiring freeze. Whether you’re a French engineer or a US sales guy who dreams of working for startups, we want it to be easy […] combines social, storage, and messaging into one mobile app presents itself as a holistic app with a global approach on messaging and a wide view of its horizons. The team has aimed high by a massive launch in 155 countries in 32 languages, investing Android, OS and HTML and having raised money from Khosla Ventures, Google Ventures, CrunchFund, SV Angel among others. Ninety […]

Rude VC’s Summer reading list 2013

Last year’s summer reading list proved so popular that I’ve decided to renew it. The guiding criteria for books to fit this list are merely: i) to have some connection to startups, technology, VC, or Europe; and ii) to not be too heavy or intensely intellectual. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, […]

“UK dominance of EU VC slipping,” France picking up the slack, early & late stage

Ben Rooney of the WSJ published a great article yesterday on a study done by DFJ Espirit concerning Venture Capital in Europe. The entire article is worth a read – however, most is based off of the infographic below – but here is the tl;dr key figures version of the story. Europe has roughly 50% the […]

After failed Yahoo acquisition, Orange will invest another €30 million in Dailymotion

After the Yahoo debacle and insistence from Orange’s CEO Stéphane Richard that Dailymotion needed an “international partner” to pick-up the pace of its international growth, it looks like Dailymotion will remain a part of the Orange family for the forseeable future. Richard announced yesterday in an interview with Les Echos that Orange would be investing €30 […]

Does Barcelona have what it takes to become a healthy startup community?

The following is a guest post by Heather Russell, founder & CEO of Rinkya, a Tokyo-based eCommerce site founded in 2001 which ships Japanese products all over the world. You can follow Heather on twitter at @heatherarussell On Thursday, July 11th, I was lucky to be a speaker at The Next Web and Barcelona IO’s sold out […]