Glossybox announces 200K subscribers & 4M boxes sent. Are Subscription Boxes here to stay?

Glossybox announces 200K subscribers & 4M boxes sent. Are Subscription Boxes here to stay?


Beauty subscription box Glossybox has now sent over 4 Million boxs to its 200,000+ subscribers – that’s a lot of beauty products. Based out of Germany, Glossybox currently operates in 15 countries, including France, where it competes with Joliebox (acquired by Birchbox in 2012), and employees more than 300 people. While the market is quite crowded, Glossybox’s Rocket Internet roots have given it the emphasis on execution it needs in order to keep numbers ( & revenue) high.

The beauty box, and more broadly, the subscription box space heated up in the past 24 months, with the trend of ‘passive’ and ‘discovery’¬†sweeping internet users’ hearts as Search became cumbersome. The advantage of these boxes is that they handle everything for you: search, choice, checkout, delivery – it’s like aficionado¬†outsourcing! Pick any theme – whether it’s wine (LePetitBallon), beer (UnePetiteMousse), food (Gastronomiz) or even razors(DollarShaveClub) – and you’ll have a tailored service that will bring you all the most popular, as well as the ‘indie’ greats in that category.

Impress your friends with a unique selection of wine at your next get-together, or your rare 100% organic ketchup, or a fine bottle of wine from an unknown chateau – or, as Glossybox would have it, with a new shade of eye-shadow or style of mascara.

As services like these continue to grow, It’s hard to tell whether subscription boxes are a phase, like the ill-lived Fruit of the Month club, or the next evolution in eCommerce.

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  1. Bruno

    4m boxes to 200k subs, that’s 20 boxes per subscriber ? seems high for a monthly service barely 2 years old…

  2. Benjamin
  3. Jules Pics has also launched a new subscription offering for men razors. They are 100% free the first month and they deliver a lifestyle magazine in addition to the razors.

  4. Bunny Box

    wow those are super high subscriber rates! great company to base your model on!

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