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The French Competition Authority’s latest target: Google, Apple & Amazon’s App Stores.

The French Authorité de la Concurrence is always looking to keep things balanced and safe for French consumers and professionals, and their most recent target lies in the mobile App Store. Last week, the regulatory body confirmed that a raid took place on Apple’s Paris office, though very little information about what, if anything was taken. […]

Android dominating mobile sales across Europe

Android dominating mobile sales across Europe

In stark contrast to the US where iOS is still holding its own, Android is largely pulling away in the mobile market share race in Europe. According to recent numbers released by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, during March – May of this year, Android captured an average of 70% of mobile phone sales in across 5 […]

10 KPIs for the French Startup Scene delivered at France Digitale Day

10 KPIs for the French Startup Scene delivered at France Digitale Day

Today, French startup & venture capital lobbying association France Digitale is holding its annual event France Digitale Day, and has welcomed 300+ of France’s digital elite to discuss the ecosystem – past, present and future. Last year’s event kicked off the launch of France Digitale and was accompanied by an Ernst & Young Study which showed […]

Rude VC: The misplaced pride of no marketing

I heard it again just the other day during a startup’s pitch. “We’ve done no marketing, and look how much we’ve accomplished,” boasted the founders of the venture for which they were trying to raise money. Imagine what we could do if we spent money on marketing, was the intended implication of what they were […]

SNCF riders increasingly interested in buying their tickets via Google or Amazon

A far-reaching study conducted by Accenture across 8 European countries revealed that significant numbers of train riders would buy their tickets via Google or Amazon if they could. Google leads the way in the minds of riders as the best potential source for finding train tickets as 55% overall and 45% for Amazon. Facebook came […]

Paymill announces Shopify integration as European expansion continues

Paymill announced today an integration with e-commerce platform Shopify, which has helped more than 50,000 merchants sell products. The integration will allow Shopify users (merchants) the choice of using Paymill (in addition to other online payments options) to manage payments via Paymill. Paymill’s online payments system has been spreading across Europe like wildfire after the […]

Paris 2014 VS London Tech City: The Battle (& the fact-checking).

The following is a guest post by Jeanne Dussueil, which originally appeared in French on – you can follow her on twitter at @jdussueil Will Paris soon be more attractive for startups than London? Since 2010, London has been making a song and dance about its “Tech City” in the area of the old […]

EU leaders livid about reports that Prism appears to have also snared Europe

In the wake of new Prism revelations appearing in Der Spiegel, European parliament president Martin Schulz has formally demanded that the US clarify whether they, in fact, spied on their European allies. Der Spiegel has reportedly viewed documents provided by Snowden which allegedly show how, starting in September 2010, the US spied on EU offices […]

10 Reasons to be proud to be working in Tech in France

Last week, Adobe bought Neolane, a marketing technology company, for $600M in order to beef up its Adobe Marketing Cloud offer. Sorry, let me repeat that. Six hundred million dollars, for a company that is twelve years old. Sure, maybe you hadn’t heard that much about Neolane before the day they got bought, and maybe […]