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A spare room, empty chairs at the kitchen table & my car on weekends: the Sharing Economy fights the economic crisis

Say what you want about the sharing economy, but it’s having an impact on the economy – a tangible impact. The idea of unused stock, space, property or time is slowly disappearing, as those who are willing to commit to putting their spare X online are finding it easier and easier to monetize it. In […]

Two months after launch, Bunkr switches to Freemium model with data-backed conviction

Two months after launch, Bunkr switches to Freemium model with data-backed conviction

Two months ago, we announced the “Powerpoint-killer” Bunkr had launched their all-web presentation software. Their key element lied in their desire to eliminate the ‘white page’ syndrome – namely, when you first start a presentation, what are the first steps to creating an engaging presentation. In order to do so ,they offer a bookmarklet “collect it” where […]

And so the cards start stacking up against the Publicis-Omnicom merger

And so the cards start stacking up against the Publicis-Omnicom merger

This weekend saw one of the most exciting pieces of news coming straight out of Paris & New York, namely the leak on Saturday and subsequent announcement on Sunday that Publicis & Omnicom, respectively the 3rd and 2nd largest ad agencies, would be filing for a 50-50 merger of the two companies; however before the […]

Carla Bruni in hot water over 400K€ in presidential funds spent on a single web site

Since the end of Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidency last year, he’s been in hot water over a variety of accusations regarding use of government funds, corruption, and all the usual attacks that come from opposing parties. In France, Presidents can not be tried during their presidency – this same rule once led a former consul named […]

Vivendi off-loading 85% of its stake in Activision

Vivendi announced today that it would be selling 85% of its stake in Activision at a 10% discount back to the videogame giant and its management.  It’s thought that the move is to help Vivendi generate the cash it needs to pay down its debts, refocus its business on other core entertainment activities, and stay […]

Silicon Sentier’s #cobatissons 70K€ crowdfunding campaign succeeds… well, sort of.

Earlier this year, we announced that Google would put 1 Million euros into the Silicon Sentier in order to open a new building that would combine its coworking space, La Cantine, and its accelerator, LeCamping, along with a FabLab, conference space, and a few other buzzers and whistles. Given that La Cantine is down the […]

Deezer to host Code in the Dark, Carlsberg & AlloResto will pick up the tab!

Last week, we announced a new era in developer events – Code in the Dark – and the reactions have been phenomenal. We’ve received emails from 17 year-old coders, from startups, from universities, and had buzz all over the world around the event, and we’re excited today to reveal just a little more about this […]

Tax witchhunt in France takes a dark turn as the bulls eye finds Linkedin-competitor Viadeo

It’s no surprise that a search for “tax” brings up quite a number of results in the Rude Baguette. If it’s not a tax on tablets, or inquisitions about taxes on Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, or LinkedIn, it seems there’s always something the Government’s got cooking up. This week, however, French tech news took […]

Let Mention’s iPhone app keep track of Social Media while you are on vacation

As Summer ramps up, you may be telling yourself you’re going to go dark, cut yourself off from the internet entirely, or just leave your smartphone in your bedroom and hop on a plane; that’s likely due in part to the fact that checking in once a week can easily turn into a full day’s […]

Go HTML5, Young Frenchman.

The following is a guest post by Gregory Menivelle, a French-American entrepreneur and founder of and Pyrasolutions, He also has a background in international expansion, helping companies achieve success on a global scale. HTML5 can bring a competitive advantage to French startups that are ready and willing to ride the wave. Allow me to join the Rude VC’s […]