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Join Rude Baguette at Failcon Zurich as we discuss “failure by omission”

April 16th, the legendary Failcon Conference series comes to Zurich, Switzerland, and I’m very excited to be speaking at it. The conference has already happened 3 times in Paris, and I’m happy to finally have something to talk about at the conference – “Failure by omission.” Failure By Omission for me is the idea that […]

Don’t miss your chance to apply to LeWeb London’s Startup Competition – deadline April 15th!

Don’t miss your chance to apply to LeWeb London’s Startup Competition – deadline April 15th!

Le Web London, which is set for June 5 & 6th, will once again be looking to showcase the best and most innovative global startups in its Startup Competition. Although tech startups across various sectors are encouraged to apply, those that have a focus on the theme of this year’s LeWeb London, “New Sharing Economy,” […]

Can CNIL Make Google More Transparent?

Can CNIL Make Google More Transparent?

CNIL, the French data protection agency, is leading an investigation on Google along with 5 other European countries to probe data protection violations. On March 19 a delegation of Google representatives worked alongside German, Spanish, French, Dutch, British and Italian agents to implement changes in Google’s new privacy rules. Much like settling dispute resolutions between […]

With AppGratis on the chopping block, Ouriel Ohayon explains why Appsfire isn’t going anywhere

It’s been a rough week for App Discovery apps everywhere – perhaps no more so than AppGratis, whose founder got off a 12 hour plane last weekend to find that his app, which has 12 million users, had been pulled from the Apple App Store. While other App Recommendation apps are quick to say “oh, […]

Captain Dash’s new iPad app dashboard for CMOs tops the App Store charts as #5 Business App

Well, I’ll be the first one to admit that I was wrong about Captain Dash being acquired by Microsoft – all the signs (i.e: one) pointed to it, and I admit that I went chasing wild geese for a bit. Nonetheless, the good news is that Captain Dash is moving forward, and most recently they have […]

Uber Taxi in Paris: an Uber for the price of a taxi, or a Taxi for the price of an Uber?

Yesterday, Uber announced on their blog that Parisian Uber users will now be able to make user of Uber’s “Uber Taxi” feature, which allows users to hail taxis using Uber. The service has already rolled out in Chicago, DC, Toronto and  San Francisco – in Paris, users have the choice between a Taxi, a “moto” […]

Fashionable and powerful, Aedle’s headphones are finally available (again) for pre-order

Hardware startup Aedle has re-opened up its pre-orders after selling out the first batch of pre-orders months in advance. The titanium and lamb-skin headphones spare no expense in both fashion and technology. They come with a detachable 3.5mm cord, a travel pouch, and are available in both classic (seen above) and carbon. Available for a […]

Unishared launches VideoNotes, a Google Drive App that allows you to take notes during your online courses

Online education startup Unishared released this week their latest tool for empowering online learning, VideoNotes. The Chrome Extension(UPDATE: The released product is actually a Google Drive App, which means it works on all browsers) allows online learners to ditch their pen & paper (after all, you’ve already ditched the lecture hall), and use a collaborative, smart […]

TheNextWeb announces Institute for the Future’s Marina Gorbis as a speaker for TNW Conference Europe

TheNextWeb Conference has already announced a pretty impressive line-up of speakers, which include 4-hour Workweek author Tim Ferriss, Wolfram|Alpha’s & Mathematica creator Stephen Wolfram, Prince William-Alexander of Orange (the Prince of The Netherlands), Eventbrite founders Kevin & Julie Hartz – just to name a few. Today the conference has announced one more addition to the line-up: Institute […]

8 Criteria for determining which SaaS platform to choose

As a SaaS entrepreneur in B2B, choosing the right platform is one of the first and most important decisions you will have to make. It will affect everything. To understand why, let’s review the three integrations of SalesClic, with their upsides and downsides... The most important conclusion for your startup is to take the platform dilemma into account as early as possible. Based on the use case of your application, consider the selection criteria listed above and take an educated