Join Rude Baguette at Failcon Zurich as we discuss “failure by omission”

Join Rude Baguette at Failcon Zurich as we discuss “failure by omission”

speakers_home1April 16th, the legendary Failcon Conference series comes to Zurich, Switzerland, and I’m very excited to be speaking at it. The conference has already happened 3 times in Paris, and I’m happy to finally have something to talk about at the conference – “Failure by omission.”

Failure By Omission for me is the idea that the entrepreneur is not the only person responsible for his failure, but so are the people around him who never gave the critical feedback. I often hear people give very polar feedback – “that’s great” “that’s awful” “change your name!” (that one’s just for RB), and my response is “thanks, but what does that do for me?” I love knowing that people enjoy or hate my product – if someone doesn’t hate you, you’re probably not doing something important – but I can’t improve if people don’t tell me how/what/why.

In my talk, I’ll be talking about my experiences with Failure by Omission, my advice to anyone who knows an entrepreneur, as well as my advice to entrepreneurs to make sure you’re not just being placated by people who don’t want to hurt your feelings (PS: my well-being and my ability to feed & clothe myself are more important than my feelings, so please, hurt my feelings instead of my ability to feed myself).

If you’re in Paris, I’ll be taking the train over the afternoon of the 15th – why not join me? Grab your FailCon tickets here and grab the 2PM Paris–>Zurich train and tell me about your failures!

The other speakers at the event – Marcus Kuhn, Michael Wolfe & Nick Heller – all look like they have some great talks lined up, too!