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Pulled from Apple’s App Store, does AppGratis have a future?

You’d think with $13.5 Million in the bank, everything was going the way AppGratis wanted it to. The App recommendation company announced 10 Million users back in February just weeks after a massive fundraising with Iris Capital; however, news was buzzing this week after Pocketgamer announced that Apple had pulled AppGratis from the App Store. […]

Report from French government offers some big ideas to foster a ‘culture of innovation’ in France

Report from French government offers some big ideas to foster a ‘culture of innovation’ in France

A report published today by the government and covered in detail in Les Echos rings the alarm about where France falls vis-a-vis its international counterparts on innovation and proposes 19 measures to help foster an innovation and entrepreneurial culture in France. Smartly, the report suggests to start at the beginning – with the education system. […]

Spideo brings their video recommendation iPad app to France: who wants my Movie Data?

Spideo brings their video recommendation iPad app to France: who wants my Movie Data?

After launching in the US last month, French startup Spideo launched it’s video recommendation iPad app in France today. Founded by Gabriel Mandelbaum. Thibault d’Orso, and Paul de Monchy, the team has been working in video recommendation since 2010, powering video recommendations for the online video catalogs of such publishers as Canal+ in their CanalPlay […]

Orange Fab: 5 Things you need to know about Orange’s new “accelerator”

During my trip home to California, I took the opportunity to meet up with some French companies & organizations doing cool things in the Silicon Valley – one of them, was Orange Fab. Run by mobile carrier Orange‘s silicon valley subsidiary Orange Silicon Valley (OSV), Orange Fab self-identifies as ” a three-month accelerator program that supports […]

Hadopi rears its ugly head as 2013 brings a huge jump in warning emails

As France’s digital, media and entertainment sectors await the government’s report laying out policy recommendations for tackling online piracy, the ‘Haute Authorité’, responsible for implementing Hadopi, has taken a more aggressive approach in recent months. According to Numerama, warning emails have jumped dramatically in since the beginning of the year. The last time the Haute […]

MIT Tech Review’s French Innovators under 35

Sponsors, BNP and Val de Marne, ushered a slew of young innovators to inaugurate it’s first ever MIT Tech Review’s Awards event. To recap the highlights, Tariq Karim’s intro alone was worthy of an entire TedX event. He discussed a dystopian future via technology and social modernization. Like the irreversible damage done to the rainforest, […]

Why Web2Day’s Startup Contest is a great opportunity for startups and investors alike

This year’s Web2Day Startup Contest seeks not only to surpass the success of last year’s, but also to deliver a higher value experience for both startups and VCs/Investors alike. In order to design and execute this year’s edition, Atlantic 2.0 has partnered with Company Campus. Company Campus, who identify themselves as a ‘self incubator’ and, […]

InstantLuxe announces €2 million round with Iris Capital and Isai

InstantLuxe, which was founded in 2009 by Yann Le Floc’h and is now the leading marketplace for second-hand luxury goods, announced yesterday that they raised a €2 million equity round with lead investor Iris Capital and Isai. The funds will be used to accelerate InstantLuxe’s growth by strengthening its position amongst luxury e-commerce platforms and […]

Contact manager WriteThat.Name launches AddMe, a cloud-based email signature

Paris-based startup WriteThat.Name announced today the launch of their latest contact management tool, AddMe, which allows users to create a signature which they can add to their email, which syncs up with their contact information stored on WriteThat.Name. Launched in 2011, WriteThat.Name has been keeping address books up to date   for thousands of users, […]

Alcatel-Lucent venture Nuage Networks unveils its SDN to compete with Cisco & VMWare

In recent months, there’s been a lot of buzz around the topic of Software-defined Networked (SDN), which, in short, allows admins to control networks of computers (like a fleet of Virtual Machines on,say, Amazon Web Services) “on the fly,” in order to manage where traffic is sent in this network. It has become a prettty […]