Captain Dash’s new iPad app dashboard for CMOs tops the App Store charts as #5 Business App

Captain Dash’s new iPad app dashboard for CMOs tops the App Store charts as #5 Business App


Well, I’ll be the first one to admit that I was wrong about Captain Dash being acquired by Microsoft – all the signs (i.e: one) pointed to it, and I admit that I went chasing wild geese for a bit. Nonetheless, the good news is that Captain Dash is moving forward, and most recently they have released their iPad app.

For those who aren’t familiar with the startup, CaptainDash is building Big Data tools specifically for CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers), in order to manage all the different online marketing channels. Specifically, users can connect Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Analytics, and Atlas, among others, to the app, and track KPIs, synchronizing from multiple sources to simultaneously view Social, Web Traffic, Sales, Marketing, etc. In short, everything a CMO would need on a dashboard to manage his company.

“We give superpowers to the CMOs”

The product has quite a lofty goal – that isn’t to say there aren’t other competitors out there, but they are the only ones that have thought of the user first, and the product second. For example, there are plenty of services that allow you to compare your page to competitors – like SocialBakers, for example – however, CaptainDash seems to be doing it with the express purpose of letting CMOs track their social performance in the context of everything else that a CMO has to worry about. WHat does it matter that you have less Facebook engagement if your Twitter traffic is killing your competitor.

Interested users can connects up to 20 sources for Free to test out the service – that easily trumps the 5 or less sources that i’ve seen similar services offer. While I haven’t tried the application just yet (we only have so many things to track on a blog 🙂 ), I have been eager for a way to try it since they won the IBM Smartcamp European Finals.

The new iPad app topped the Business category in France at #5 this past week. Captain Dash plans to add integration to vital tools like Excel, Instagram, and Pinterest, which should add value to the already existing set of integrations. The app has been available on Windows 8 for sometime, as well.

One thing’s for sure – their trailer video for the product was definitely made for a CMO – almost no mention of specific features, just selling he dream.