Nadia Leung

French Researcher from Cambridge says, “The Potential of Graphene is Huge”

Photo credit: James Hedberg Bruno Dlubak, French associate researcher at Cambridge University, waits for me in Paris’14th district near Montparnasse. His research is the forefront of Europe’s most talked about idea since the Chanel Jacket, the fabrication of Graphene for commercial use. Enthusiasm from the Press Gizmodo Can Cure foot odor Irish Times Graphene Flagship = […]

Hollande’s €150 Million Lottery for Disruptive Innovations

Hollande’s €150 Million Lottery for Disruptive Innovations

The Race to Innovate or A Hit Reality Show? When we think sponsored events and prizes, we think of the Tour de France, marathons, maybe even nationally televised shows like Nouvelle Star.  Like a cosmetic surgeon promising instant reduction in wrinkles and long-lasting results, French President, François Hollande, has a “quick fix” strategy to unearth France’s […]

The Azendoo and Box Integration is Fierce

The Azendoo and Box Integration is Fierce

Azendoo users can now upload or download in safe territory with Box, a secure online infrastructure that gives users control and protection of their data. Data + Fierce Collaboration = Your Brain The cloud has changed my life. A device equipped with a classic keyboard and screen has slowly become an extension of my brain. […]

French Failure to Singaporean Success: Kevin Straszburger

Kevin Straszburger- Parisian entrepreneur turned Singaporean FrenchWeb correspondent and crowdsourcing evangelist- brings back news to the motherland. While he is most likely sunbathing in the infinity pool, he is officially Head of Marketing at Crowdonomic with founder, Leo Shimada, Head of Business Development, Nicola Castelnuovo, and CFO, Eric Tay. His journey began from announcing the […]

Design tips from Deezer’s Windows 8 product designer

Deezer has a talented team of 100+ to make it the leading online music streaming platform in France. Additionally, there are currently 26 million listeners from over 180 countries sharing 100 million shareable playlists from 20 million tracks. Exceptionally known for the way they treat artists, Deezer is hosting ‘silent disco’ concerts starting Monday April 15-18, featuring Little […]

Can CNIL Make Google More Transparent?

CNIL, the French data protection agency, is leading an investigation on Google along with 5 other European countries to probe data protection violations. On March 19 a delegation of Google representatives worked alongside German, Spanish, French, Dutch, British and Italian agents to implement changes in Google’s new privacy rules. Much like settling dispute resolutions between […]

MIT Tech Review’s French Innovators under 35

Sponsors, BNP and Val de Marne, ushered a slew of young innovators to inaugurate it’s first ever MIT Tech Review’s Awards event. To recap the highlights, Tariq Karim’s intro alone was worthy of an entire TedX event. He discussed a dystopian future via technology and social modernization. Like the irreversible damage done to the rainforest, […]

Wiki Stage makes its big debut on March 30th at ESCP – get your tickets now!

Wiki is going Live on March 30th Google hit #1 for an illness, geological event, or even obscure person, will most likely be a site called amassing 78 billion views a year. For research purposes Wikipedia is instantly accessible, free, and comprehensive. The Enlightenment, a period marked by the emancipation of mankind’s ideas, may […]

Jaina Capital partners with Rentabiliweb – what future for online payments in France?

Marc Simoncini, known for creating the online European dating scene, Jaïna Capital, and being a tax-targeted millionaire, entered into a partnership with Rentabiliweb. This means all of Jaïna Capital’s e-commerce activity will be under the umbrella of Rentabilweb’s e-payment services. If the words ‘Rent’, ‘Ability’, and ‘Web’ don’t stick out at first, I will try […]

Bridging the divide between the Paris & Boston startup communities

Boston and NYC have 3 main rivalries: the Red Sox vs. the Yankees (95 years running), budget deficits, and high-tech startups. The latter is a healthy competition of creating jobs, fueling innovative research, and promoting disruptive technologies. Boston is lagging behind NYC but has recently gained momentum because of VC firms like Spark Capital which […]