Fashionable and powerful, Aedle’s headphones are finally available (again) for pre-order

Fashionable and powerful, Aedle’s headphones are finally available (again) for pre-order


Hardware startup Aedle has re-opened up its pre-orders after selling out the first batch of pre-orders months in advance. The titanium and lamb-skin headphones spare no expense in both fashion and technology. They come with a detachable 3.5mm cord, a travel pouch, and are available in both classic (seen above) and carbon. Available for a premium price of 320€ ($350 for US buyers), I see these headphones as Bose ( or Audiotechnica, for people who actually know headphones) meets Louis Vutton, combining some of the most powerful bass and treble speakers into a stylish casing that anyone would be proud to wear around their neck.

I sat down with founder Raphael Lebas a while back to check out these headphones, and I wasn’t disappointed. The solid titanium framework provides more minimum loss of sound quality in the speakers, and the Lambskin leather outside is probably the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my head.

VK-1Black3Given that the 1st batch of headphones sold out months in advance of their delivery, consider it a bargain that these headphones, which will ship May 6th, are still in stock. As soon as I can get my hand on a pair of these (hopefully before May 6th), you’ll see me sporting them wherever I go. I personally am a fan of the classic look, but you may prefer the All-Black feel of the Carbon edition, which is just as powerful and a little less classic-looking in its style. What’s your preference?

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  1. Adrien Châtillon

    They look nice. Are they Made in France? Speaking of headphones I like Parrot’s Zik headphones in collaboration with Stark. Not only they sound nice but they are packed with tech. You should check them out.

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