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Rude VC: Losing Our Religion

Your Rude VC returns following a week off the grid with family. Part of my travels took me through New York, during which I indulged on two of my favorite weaknesses: authentic New York bagels, and pastrami on rye from a Brooklyn deli. Of course, nowadays I don’t have to travel all the way to […]

[VIDEO] “Hello Startups!” – Neelie Kroes tells European entrepreneurs to make their voices heard

[VIDEO] “Hello Startups!” – Neelie Kroes tells European entrepreneurs to make their voices heard

This week Neelie Kroes, VP of the European Commission and in charge of the EC Digital Agenda, addressed European entrepreneurs in a YouTube video posted to her official YouTube Page. The video calls upon European entrepreneurs as an essential part of the European economic recovery, saying that “your professors and politicians need to remember you are […]

French Failure to Singaporean Success: Kevin Straszburger

French Failure to Singaporean Success: Kevin Straszburger

Kevin Straszburger- Parisian entrepreneur turned Singaporean FrenchWeb correspondent and crowdsourcing evangelist- brings back news to the motherland. While he is most likely sunbathing in the infinity pool, he is officially Head of Marketing at Crowdonomic with founder, Leo Shimada, Head of Business Development, Nicola Castelnuovo, and CFO, Eric Tay. His journey began from announcing the […]

Lean Startup Machine Paris kicks-off on May 31st – June 2nd

With 110 workshops, in 40 cities, and 8250 participating entrepreneurs, Lean Startup Machine has been nothing short of a revolution in entrepreneurial training and education. Lean Startup Machine will again come to Paris this year on May 31st – June 2nd, with a list of formidable mentors, VCs, and judges, as well as, their trademark, powerful […]

5 French startups that fit the bill for LeWeb London’s “Sharing Economy” program.

This week Loic & Geraldine LeMeur announced the program for LeWeb London (June 5th & 6th), which includes marketplace giants Etsy, Airbnb, ZipCar & TaskRabbit. This will be the 2nd LeWeb London, and the first LeWeb event since Leweb was acquired by Reed MIDEM at the end of last year, so there are definitely concerns as […]

European Commission accuses Debit Card suppliers of price fixing

In an announcement made today, the European Commission stated that it will pursue suspicions of Debit Card suppliers of price-fixing in order to keep prices high. Reported by Challenges, the accusations may bear a penalty of up to 10% of the revenue of the suppliers if proven true. This lays just another brick in the wall that […]

Eventbrite closes $60M round: “No IPO for you!”

In what can only be described as unnecessary financing that reminds us of Facebook’s later stage investments, Eventbrite has announced a series C, D, E, F, G H round of  funding from existing investors Tiger Global Management and new investors T. Rowe Price. Eventbrite has been aggressively (read: with a high marketing budget) tackling the European market, after its […]

TNW’s Startup World global search for the next Zuckerberg comes to Paris April 30th

The Startup World global competition “to find the next Jobs or Zuckerberg” is coming to Paris April 30th at 7PM at LeCamping. Organized by TheNextWeb’s Hermione Way & Erick Davidson, regional winners from each of the 36 cities competing in the global competition will be flown to Silicon Valley and compete for a chance to be incubated […]

The Startup Career Launchpad conference brings out passionate students to meet entrepreneurs

Last week I had the pleasure to speak at the Startup Career Launchpad, a conference which invited students to come listen and learn from a pretty great selection of Europe’s Startup Ecosystem. During the conference, I moderated a panel on the impact of startup accelerators with SeedCamp, TechStars, StartupBootCamp, and the London City Incubator (LCI). […]

Jolidrive rolls out Search and says Dropbox, Google Drive & YouTube among most popular services

When Tariq Krim and the Jolicloud team announced the move to Jolidrive, they promised many more new services and enhancements in the coming months. Earlier this month, the team announced the Jolidrive integration with CloudApp with a nice 20% discount on CloudAppPro. Now comes the addition of one of the most sought after services by Jolidrive users, […]