Doodle takes its scheduling service offline … to paper.


Last week, Zurich-based Doodle, the online scheduling service, announced the release of its latest addition to Doodle – Doodle Unplugged. The post announcing the new service reads as if one user complained so hard that they decided to mock him by actually creating it. Intended for “Internet users who think “cloud scheduling” is too geeky,” the PDF file is available to basic users, though the blog post notes that you can upgrade to the premium version buy printing it out on high quality paper. As the post continues, it becomes more and more clear that the Doodle team is definitely having fun with this one:

The next step involves letting your participants specify what works best for them, and the piece of paper can be shared with the group by mail, fax, bicycle messenger, telegraph, or carrier pigeon. Once everyone has participated in the process, you’ll see what works best for the group and you can then schedule the event.

The offline service currently guarantees event scheduling in less than one year – I’ll be sending them a fax in a year letting them know that my event wasn’t schedule (unless you received my carrier pigeon today?).
More than 10 million people have alreayd used Doodle’s online service, though I’m not sure they’ll be able to accurately track metrics on their latest product.
You can download the pdf here or just by clicking the thumbnail on the right.