Geeklist launches in France – bring on the Hackathons!


The achievement-based social platform for developers raised $600K last October, and while they are based in San Francisco, they’ve sent Audrey Stewart back to France to work on building up a European following. The site has already enticed celebrity developers like Yukihiro Matsumoto, creator of Ruby and Heroku. Geeklist is kicking off its launch in France with a co-organized Opa DevCamp, The event will take place at La Cantine, and is organized by MLstate, the company who invented the Opa language, and Placeloop, a startup which helps local businesses increase digital loyalty and sales through a web interface and customized mobile applications.

Is this your card?

Geeklist hopes to bring developers together and get them showing off their talents by allowing them to create ‘cards’ with their achievements on them. Cards can be collaborative, siting all the contributors to a given project or achievement, and other Geeklist users can ‘high five’ the card and its contributors. Geeklist is integrated with GitHub, another developer community resource which allows users to upload, share, and discuss their coding projects. With this integration, every time Geeklist users push code to github, they will automatically post a micro-achievement, the geeklist equivalent of a status update. In addition to boasting successes, Geeklist hopes to bring what some may consider a relatively recluse community together.

I geeked out. Will you high five me?

While I may not be a geek, I didn’t hesitate to throw up my geek achievements on geeklist – you can check them out here. The site is still in private beta, but a little birdy told me that if you go to this link and type in paris, you can skip the queue and start geeking out.

Is this your card?