Mobypark & Europcar announce partnership to make parking easier for car rentals

Oct 20, 2015
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The Airbnb for Parking – it’s the dream that many startups have been vying for in the past few years, Mobypark among them here in France. the Amsterdam-based company has made big headway this week, announcing a partnership with Europcar that will allow Europcar customers to get a 20% discount on Mobypark parking spots.

Parking is a huge market in major cities, and parking lots prices have skyrocketed to premium prices as cities push to limit the amount of cars driving through their streets each day, favoring public transportation instead. Nonetheless, much like an apartment of a vacationer, the unused parking space in any giving city is astounding, whether that be corporate parking lots, apartment complexes, or private garages – in Paris, parking spots are sold for 100-200€ per month (cf. LeBonCoin); however, for the occasional user or day-traveller, renting out your parking spot only when you’re not around just isn’t possible.

MobyPark’s partnership with Europcar may be one step towards laying down a foundation of constant supply of cars looking for parking – every time I rent a car, I panic about whether I’ll get a parking ticket or even find a space in major cities.