Sculpteo’s latest partnership with Orange underlines 3D Printings growth as complimentary, not disruptive

Oct 2, 2013
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Telecom giant Orange & enterprise 3D Printing solution Sculpteo announced today a partnership that will allow Orange customers to make use of Sculpteo’s 3D Printing Cloud Engine on a dedicated site. Concretely, this means that Orange customers will be able to customize their iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone case.

The announcement comes just months after Sculpteo announced cooperation with eBay, and shows just how much room there is for growth in the 3D Printing space. The 3D Printing Cloud Engine that is powering this partnership is a white-label solution that Sculpteo developed for businesses who wanted to leverage 3D Printing within their existing application. For example, eliumstudio, which developed an app for mapping your family tree, integrated with Sculpteo to allow people to print their very own family tree (see here).

In recent weeks, the conversation around 3D Printing has switched from how 3D Printing will disrupt the traditional manufacturing space to how 3D Printing will integrate and compliment the space. Sculpteo has carved out its position in this market and has bet on 3D Printing not being a stand-alone, ‘Makerbot in every home’ type of disruption the way the printer spread, but as a complimentary manufacturing capacity to existing systems.