KIMA-backed VidCoin helps free-to-play games monetize with targeted video ads

Jul 24, 2013
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VidCoin Screengrab

The ever-present KIMA Ventures have announced a seed investment in VidCoin, a Lyon-based startup that specializes in sponsored video content for video games. While they have not announced the amount of the investment, given KIMA’s typical investment size, the amount is likely between 100K and 500K€, so for the sake of having a number let’s call it 300K€. The startup, founded by Jerome Vuillemot, matches up ad agencies that are producing video content with mobile game developers with a technology platform that facilitates developer and ad agency efforts.

While other actors like StickyAds are working to create pre-roll video ads for video content providers, VidCoin’s vertical positioning in the fast-growing mobile game space may give them the leg up they need to attract the right advertisers and become another monetization channel for free-to-play mobile games.

The company has already run a campaign with YouRiding, a games platform specializing in action sports, which currently boasts 1 Million+ users on its platform. With the investment, VidCoin will be able to scale up their AdExchange, allowing video content producers to push videos to millions of users, and allowing mobile game developers to monetize with something a bit more engaging than an ad for another game.