TvShow Time raises €500K & brings its mobile TV guide to the web

TvShow Time raises €500K & brings its mobile TV guide to the web

TvShow Time

TvShow Time announced today that it has secured 500,000€ from Jean-David Blanc (Allociné), Daniel Marhely (Deezer), and Xavier Niel for its mobile TV guide app, which it also launched on the web today. Cofounded by Antonio Mendes Pinto & Talal Mazroui, the app allows you to track your favorite shows, receive notifications when new episodes are released, and discover new shows based on your TV Show preference. The strategic investment by Allociné founder Jean-David Blanc suggests a push towards a viable business model, sorely lacking in TvShow Time’s model – Allociné was recently sold from Tiger Global Management to Fimilac, which also owns Webedia.

While other actors like Cinemur, which recently raised 2 Million €, are pushing into the digital TV guide space, TvShow Time has carved out a nice second screen niche for itself, and this round of funding has allowed them to hire two new team members to continue development.

The news, originally reported on Maddyness[fr], comes as the investment peak for 2013 is wrapping up. August is just around the corner, and an expected lull in investment (both deal wrap-ups and announcements) is expected to kick in from now until early September. This also comes on the cusp of the final season of Breaking Bad, something I’m sure the guys at Tv Show Time will be looking to take advantage of.

The app currently boasts 200K+ users and over 100M+ episodes marked to watch.