WorldCrunch partners with Le Nouvel Obs on its Kickstarter campaign to bring local news Global

Jun 6, 2013
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There’s nothing I love more than making all news global news – we at the Rude Baguette have been doing that for France’s tech market for nearly two years, and our partner in crime, Worldcrunch, is halfway through raising a Kickstarter campaign to do that all over the world. With 41% funding completed and 27 days to go, the “fledgling” news publication just announced that it will partner with Le Nouvel Obs in France and Internazionale in Italy.

In short, WorldCrunch’s goal is to source news from local publications, translate them, and bring them to an international audience. This has long been a big part of how local news media bring international news to their country – taking English-language articles or using services like AFP – however, the idea that all news should be available to a global audience resonates pretty well with me, and I am happy to support it.

So, if you love what we’ve done for the Rude Baguette, think about all the great things that could be done if political, economic, and other news were brought to the masses.

Now go support them.