Want your app on the top of the French App Store? 8000€ will do, says TradeMob.

Want your app on the top of the French App Store? 8000€ will do, says TradeMob.

Trademob infographic

A recent infographic released by app marketing platform TradeMob has affirmed not only that there is a price on each country’s top charts, but that it’s variable per country. The study examined the cost per install of each country, the ‘organic lift’ in gaming and non-gaming sectors, and the number of installs required to make it to the top charts in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

For France, the breakdown came as follows: it takes 13,000 installs to get your app to the Top Charts (top 4, according to the photo). The study also concluding that, while gaming apps generate on average 1 non-paid installation per paid install, non-gaming apps generate just 0.65 organic installs per paid install. So, for non-gaming apps, this means you only need to purchase 60% of the 13,000 app installs needed to get to the top, and the other 40% will be organic downloads (what TradeMob calls “organic uplift.” With each paid installation costing on average 1€, we simply do the math of 13,000*60%*1€ = 7,800€ (or 6,500€ for gaming apps). Not bad.

So, while startups like AppGratis are taking fire for putting a price on the Top Charts, it seems that the formula is becoming predictable: [Number of Overall Installs Required for Top spot]*[Cost per Paid Install]*[1/(1+”Organic Uplift”)].

The real question is: when the Top Charts has a price tag, will it become less valuable?

You can check out different country costs on the full infogrpahic, available here