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Deezer ups the ante on rival Spotify and launches in 22 new markets

To say that Deezer has had an active year is an understatement. From raising an eye-popping 100€ million from Warner Music owner Len Blavatink, to beating Spotify on subscriber growth, to launching their App Store to rival Spotify’s App Centre, their achievements over the last year have been seemingly non-stop. Now comes the news that […]

As France welcomes MIDEM, its music industry still faces big challenges

As France welcomes MIDEM, its music industry still faces big challenges

This past Saturday saw the kick-off of MIDEM, one of the world’s biggest and best conferences and tradeshows focusing on the music industry. This year’s edition, which will be running through tomorrow,has  had a particularly strong emphasis on digital.  It’s evident that digital still continues to be both a blessing and curse for the sector, which is still […]

Orange offers Deezer-competitor Spotify to under 27 users in Switzerland

Orange offers Deezer-competitor Spotify to under 27 users in Switzerland

This week Orange & Spotify announced a partnership in which Orange customers in Switzerland with a “Orange Young” plan would receive Spotify premium for free, in addition to unlimited texting & calling as well as a sizeable data plan. Orange Young is Orange’s cell phone plan offered to anyone 27 or under, and Orange’s VP […]

Deezer closes in on Spotify attracting more paid subscribers in 2012

A recent report by DigitalMusicNews has shown that Deezer‘s paid subscriber rate is growing faster than that of Spotify‘s. Deezer has seen a grwoth of 114% from December 2011 to December 2012, versus Spotify’s 86% growth. This is surprising, given Spotify’s positioning as the #1 paid subscription music service; however, it’s important to remember what has […]

5 French Music Startups that aren't Deezer

One of the most important parts of an ecosystem is to have successful, thriving companies. This not only creates acquisition opportunities for local startups, but it localizes resources – this is often why fashion startups come out of Paris, because the fashion industry is already here. Deezer, however, did not come from a thriving music […]

Former Deezer co-founder raises $4M for Cloud Media Startup Plizy

Cloud media startup Plizy has raised $4 million from Atlas Ventures, with Atlas Ventures’ Fred Destin joining the board, alongside Paypal President David Marcus. The news, reported by AllthingsD and TechCrunch (though still not updated on Crunchbase), comes as the formerly Paris-based startup has officially installed itself in San Francisco. “Plizy is the media center […]

Deezer launches App Studio to take on Spotify App Centre

Deezer announced today the launch of it App Studio, part of the Open Deezer initiatize launched earlier this year which saw the birth of its desktop app platform an iOS API.. Reported on Musically, the app studio will also be accompanied by a Facebook-style App Centre, which will likely compete heavily with Spotify in the coming […]

Deezer raises €100M from Warner Music owner Len Blavatnik

Deezer has finalized a round of €100 million by Russian-American billionaire Len Blavatnik via his investment fund Access Industries, with 75 million euros injected into the company, and 25 million euros to buy out previous shareholders. The announcement, originally reported by Le Figaro, indicates that while French investor Idinvest has maintained its stake in the company, Dotcorp […]

SHUT UP! President Sarkozy's not-so-brilliant social media strategy

Just last week, I published an article on digital side of the French presidential elections. At the time, French President Nicolas Sarkozy didn’t have an official Twitter account. After announcing his intention to run for reelection on February 12th, he and his social media team got their act together. Well, kinda. There’s only one Sarkozy […]

Coockly, the worst French startup name?

Now, you all know that I'm not one to usually criticize French startups or entrepreneurs. And I'm not about to criticize what anyone is actually doing (well, at least not in this article). But every now and then I come across a French startup name and giggle to myself, thinking "uh, really?" But recently I came across one startup name and I just couldn't let it get away...