Paris Business Angels: The Startup Trap

Being a first time entrepreneur is like walking blindfolded through a minefield: you only know you’ve taken a wrong step when you lose a limb. In France, it’s even worse, because there are only so many people who have walked through that minefield before, and they often keep the information to themselves. One of the […]

France tops the charts in Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA

France tops the charts in Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA

After the release of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in France and in other countries earlier this week, which highlighted display ad-tech startup Criteo & online music streaming service Deezer as France’s fastest growing startups, the Deloitte 500 EMEA has confirmed that Criteo not only placed on top in France, but its 202,100% growth over the past […]

Evernote bans Class Action Suits

Evernote bans Class Action Suits

Do you have a moleskine- an elegantly crafted leather-encased journal that carries your thoughts, sketches, and heartaches? Moleskine has an internet equivalent called Evernote. It’s a logical next step for someone who wants to make his or her diary the internet. No, this is not a Xanga or Livejournal (90s kids!), this is an organized […]

Why Webshell should get into Y-Combinator

Y-Combinator, one of the most renowned startup accelerators in the world, is interviewing French startup Webshell today for the next season of their acceleration program. It’s a great opportunity for any startup to be selected for this program. With about a 3% acceptance rate, Webshell is facing tough odds. Let’s take a closer look at […]

Why being cut-off from funding is not all that bad.

The following is a guest post by our Rude BA, Jerome Camblain. Recent French tax changes will have many negative impacts on the startups ecosystem. The main one is the widening of the funding gap between the seed round and the VC round, mentioned in my previous post: In France, the A in Series A is for […]

Berlin startup Twago brings its recruitment solution to France

Whether you are on LinkedIn or Viadeo, your account is like a dating profile for job recruiters. Some of us use attention-grabbing headlines or upload various publications to improve our own click-through-ratings. CEO’s like Richard Branson have profiles with intriguing past experiences and various memberships to exclusive organizations. I especially love reconnecting with old friends […]

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Highlights: Criteo, Deezer & Idinvest

Deloitte has released the Technology Fast 50, a list of top growing companies per country in various technology sectors. Each year, Deloitte chooses companies that are less than 5 years old  No surprises for France, with Criteo taking the number one slot – the company has seen a reported 202,100% growth over the past 5 years. […]

Concur's $150M TravelTech global fund takes off!

Concur Technologies, a traveltech giant who acquired TripIt last year (and owns a few other notable properties), has launched a $150M fund, called The Perfect Trip, dedicated to funding innovation in the traveltech sector. According to Pierre-Emmanuel Tetaz, head of Concur France and former founder of ETAP ON LINE before it was acquired by Concur, the […]

Infinvision – Two design workshops in Paris for tech startups

Design is always an issue for me when it comes to startups in Paris – probably something to do with why their product marketing isn’t good ether. It always surprises me, because French graphic designers are traditionally sought after by big graphics studios (like Pixar), and cities like Nantes have renowned design schools; nonetheless, many […]

Scaling your startup successfully into the States

Nic Brisbourne of DFJ Esprit wrote a great piece last week called, “The smart way to expand software companies to the U.S.” I won’t rehash the whole post but definitely recommend you read it. While Brisbourne’s advice is geared for British startups, much of it is relevant for France as well. His money shot is […]