Xavier Niel interviews Nest founder Tony Fadell

LeWeb is in full swing today, and the event kicked off powerfully with Xavier Niel, founder of Iliad (the company behind 4th biggest Telecom giant Free Mobile), interviewing Nest founder Tony Fadell. Prior to founding Nest, Tony Fadell worked at Apple, where he was deeply involved with the development of the iPod and iPhone – […]

Ujoolt launches at LeWeb

Ujoolt launches at LeWeb

Ujoolt, one of the 16 startups selected in the LeWeb Paris Startup Competition, is officially launching its real-time geoocalized social network. The service, available for download on the iPhone App Store as well as on Google Play, integrates with Facebook and Instagram, creating a map of all photos, events, and check-ins posted on the two […]

Yelp for taxi drivers, Greek Taxibeat launches in France for LeWeb

Yelp for taxi drivers, Greek Taxibeat launches in France for LeWeb

The world of smartphone-based intercity transportation has really been shook up, but Taxibeat’s Yelp for Taxi’s app puts a new spin on it, launching in Paris this week during LeWeb. While most players in this space – Uber, SnapCar, Chauffeur Privé – are working with a fleet of freelanced private drivers, Taxibeat is working directly […]

Good social customer service – the next big challenge

Yesterday we attended The Social Customer 2012 here in Paris, a bilingual bootcamp/conference about social customer service hosted by leading social media services firm and blog, Our Social Times. Although smaller in size, The Social Customer punched well above its weight with prominent, engaging speakers such as customer service guru Frank Eliason, as well as useful, […]

Here are the 20 startups selected for Seedcamp Paris

The European micro-investment fund and mentoring program Seedcamp have announced the 20 startups who will be attending Seedcamp Paris next Monday, December 3rd. The full-day event, which precedes LeWeb annually by one day, will be attended by a mix of local and international mentors, such as Kwaga founder and mentor Philippe Laval, Index Ventures‘ Martin Mignot (1 of […]

10 French entrepreneurs who attended Stanford

Since arriving in France, I’ve noticed a very strange phenomenon. You see, whenever I introduce myself, it inevitably comes up that I was born in Menlo Park, just up the road from Stanford University, and that’s always been a way for me to gauge someone’s experience in the Silicon Valley – if they recognize “Menlo […]

Paris Business Angels: The Startup Trap

Being a first time entrepreneur is like walking blindfolded through a minefield: you only know you’ve taken a wrong step when you lose a limb. In France, it’s even worse, because there are only so many people who have walked through that minefield before, and they often keep the information to themselves. One of the […]

France tops the charts in Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA

After the release of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in France and in other countries earlier this week, which highlighted display ad-tech startup Criteo & online music streaming service Deezer as France’s fastest growing startups, the Deloitte 500 EMEA has confirmed that Criteo not only placed on top in France, but its 202,100% growth over the past […]

Evernote bans Class Action Suits

Do you have a moleskine- an elegantly crafted leather-encased journal that carries your thoughts, sketches, and heartaches? Moleskine has an internet equivalent called Evernote. It’s a logical next step for someone who wants to make his or her diary the internet. No, this is not a Xanga or Livejournal (90s kids!), this is an organized […]

Why Webshell should get into Y-Combinator

Y-Combinator, one of the most renowned startup accelerators in the world, is interviewing French startup Webshell today for the next season of their acceleration program. It’s a great opportunity for any startup to be selected for this program. With about a 3% acceptance rate, Webshell is facing tough odds. Let’s take a closer look at […]