With 1M€ from Elaia Partners, Sensorly launches its new mobile app and website

Independent, crowdsourced mobile coverage maps makes the pulse of any geek speed up. Sensorly has tackled this challenge by creating an app that seamlessly, and in the background, records your location, your network strength, and sends it anonymized to the gigantic database that Sensorly has created out of all that data. Why do consumers install […]

Crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank launches their next product, HelloMerci, for not-so micro loans

Crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank launches their next product, HelloMerci, for not-so micro loans

KissKissBankBank has long been a success story of the French startup world – its crowdfunding platform for creative projects is doing well, and their business model is working well for them – revenue from the projects themselves (they keep a percentage), plus sponsorship. When we spoke to them for the first time, CEO Vincent Ricordeau […]

JobProd’s creates a curated marketplace for developers and companies

JobProd’s creates a curated marketplace for developers and companies

When JobProd co-founder Romain Brouard walks into the Cole Street office, he apologizes for not being based out of Paris. The JobProd team, he explains, is a bit all over the place – he’s in Nantes, one person’s in Lorient, two in Paris, and one employee is based in Colombia! But he quickly adds they […]

TextMaster Launches Mobile Dictate-and-Translate App

TextMaster, an online marketplace for translations and transcriptions, is launching its mobile app today, called Transcript.io. With this app, you can simply record any talk, dictation, conversation, or your neighbors, and it will send you back a translation in a reasonable amount of time. TextMaster previously announced its web based marketplace for translation and transcription […]

Why Webshell should get into Y-Combinator

Y-Combinator, one of the most renowned startup accelerators in the world, is interviewing French startup Webshell today for the next season of their acceleration program. It’s a great opportunity for any startup to be selected for this program. With about a 3% acceptance rate, Webshell is facing tough odds. Let’s take a closer look at […]

Self Publication App for iPad Tactilize Raises $1 Million

Tactilize, a self-publishing app for the iPad just raised $1 million from an undsiclosed source and is working on an additional $280,000 round from Switzerland and the Middle East. CEO Nicolas Voisin has spent seven years of his career in the advertising agency world, working for various agencies before starting his own content website called […]

Perfony – The online tool that increase meetings performance

Perfony is one of those startups that’s not broke, not in the seedy part of town, and not run by twenty-somethings. It’s quite a different animal: it’s one of those startups done by established entrepreneurs who got an idea, raised funding through their existing network, and quietly started building a business leveraging their business experience. […]

Magpie Polymers mines for gold in toxic water

CEO of Magpie Polymers, Steven van Zutphen, is the first to admit it’s an unusual place to look for gold – water, and then hastens to mention it’s not just gold, but a lot of metals, including the Platinum Group Metals – Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. The chemical process behind that, to which he’s one […]

Google TV adds Music & Movies in Europe on Nexus 4 launch date

Google has just announced late last week the launch of streaming TV and movies on their Google TV product in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Google, like Apple and Microsoft, has its eyes set on the ‘other screen’, as the TV is called these days, since people spend more time on their computers and phones than […]

App Developer conference AppDays comes Nov. 9th to Paris

Yurplan, a Lyon-based startup around events, is organizing AppDays, a one-day event on November 9th in Paris, that, well, is all about apps – how to develop them, the different platforms and their evolution, and lots of nitty-gritty details on how to approach app development and how to market them. Keynote speaker Yann Lechelle is one […]