Infinvision – Two design workshops in Paris for tech startups


Infinvision logoDesign is always an issue for me when it comes to startups in Paris – probably something to do with why their product marketing isn’t good ether. It always surprises me, because French graphic designers are traditionally sought after by big graphics studios (like Pixar), and cities like Nantes have renowned design schools; nonetheless, many startups fail to see or fail to understand the value of a good design, and good branding. Lucky for them, there’s Infinvision!
I met Infinvision CEO Egle Karalyte just a few months ago at the Dublin Pub Summit, organized by Tariq Krim & DWS‘ Paddy Cosgrave – after she told me about her experience living in Lithuania (where she’s from), London, New York & elsewhere, I knew she would be packing some real international heat with her design-style. We’re currently working with her are changing this ugly mess you see now around you to something worth reading – but more on that in the future.

Event #1: Better Branding = Better Conversion Rates | Nov. 30th

The first workshop stresses the importance of a good brand – I wrote just week about four startups whose names gave them poor branding, and I can’t stress more the importance of good branding. The event will help startups “bring out and define the authentic elements of your venture in the form of a brand framework,” which “will serve you as your center of gravity of your communications.” Founders of startups or solo ventures are highly recommended to attend this hands-on and fun workshop, which will discuss what digital branding means, how to visualize your customer, how to define your conversion process, articulate your value proposition, create a brand identity, and measure performance.
Registration can be found here, and I would highly recommend this to startups lacking a design/product-oriented founder – or if you are “head of product” and your product, well, sucks – maybe you could learn a thing or two. The event is 125 €.

Event #2: Better UX Design = Better Conversion Rates | Dec. 14th

While France may be (the former) home of one of the most influential UI designers in the world, Sacha Greif, it could certainly use some work in the UX department. Off the top of my head, there are maybe 3-4 startups who really understand the importance of UX (Teleportd, Blablacar especially on mobile, Skerou,….) – this event is definitely a must attend for anyone who wants to be successful globally. It’s impossible to have a cultural advantage in every country you operate in – your network is local, your cultural background is local – the only way to ensure an even experience for users around the world is to abide by some basic (and some advanced) UX design theories.

Design – you need it, they know it.

Infinvision has already put on design events before, and frankly, I think they know their stuff. French startups have a tendency to underestimate the value of UX/UI design & branding – it’s the first, second, third and potentially last impression that you make on a user. I recommend you check out these events and consider investing in design early, before you come to a blogger to demo your poorly designed product – it’s the difference between a glowing review and me putting you on a list of startups with bad names. And that is unversal.