France tops the charts in Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA


rockyAfter the release of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in France and in other countries earlier this week, which highlighted display ad-tech startup Criteo & online music streaming service Deezer as France’s fastest growing startups, the Deloitte 500 EMEA has confirmed that Criteo not only placed on top in France, but its 202,100% growth over the past five years beat out any other European company – by more than 1000%. The second-fastest growing company, UK-based ZBD, which operates in the semiconductor space, showed growth of 17,910%.

France tops the charts

All three of the top awarded French startups in the Fast 50 placed among the top 10 in Europe, with Deezer at #7 and Sewan Communications at #10. In addition, France, for the third consecutive year, had the most companies in the 500 list, beating out the UK(74) with  90 companies, down 3 from last year. Not many companies saw growth between 2011 and 2012 in number of companies on the Fast 500 (Norway +4 at 52, Poland +6 at 21), which suggests all European countries are producing more & more high-growth companies.
The software industry was most present in the Fast 500, with 40% of the companies operating in the software industry, followed by 21% Internet, 17% in TelCo., and 8% in Semiconductors. Nonetheless, 4 of the top 10 (listed below) Fast 500 companies were in the Internet industry, and another 3 in the TelCo. industry.

Top 10 Companies on Fast 500 EMEA

  1. Criteo[FR]            – 202,100% (Internet)
  2. ZBD[UK]               – 17,910%   (Semi-conductors)
  3. Vola[RO]              – 17,323%   (Internet)
  4.[NL] – 16,155%   (TelCo.)
  5. Elkotek[TR]         – 13,880%   (TelCo.)
  6. Tektronik[TR]     – 11,368%   (Software)
  7. Deezer[FR]         – 10,455%   (Internet)
  8. Exoclick[ES]       – 9,571%     (Internet)
  9. Midsummer[SE] – 8,109%     (GreenTech)
  10. Sewan[FR]          – 7,833%     (TelCo.)

Notably, France’s Graftys also ranked as the top growing BioTech/Pharmaceutical company. You can see the entire list of the Fast 500 EMEA here.