After France’s “success”, German press seeks remuneration from News snippets

It seems that Google just can’t past this whole “stop pirating our bylines” thing these days: the German lower parliament approved a bill requiring Google (and other search engines) to pay a licensing fee for re-publishing bylines of news stories. This comes just months after the French press industry settled its similar disputes with Google, […]

Bouygues Telecom offering free unlimited Skype calls

Bouygues Telecom offering free unlimited Skype calls

Bouygues Telecom announced last Thursday at MWC in Barcelona that they are partnering with Skype to allow all of their customers (including those of their B&You brand, whether they have a price plan or not) to use the VoIP service for free on their phones. Now this is interesting news to me because, when I was living […]

Twilio partners with 500 Startups to bring the Twilio Fund to European startups

Twilio partners with 500 Startups to bring the Twilio Fund to European startups

This afternoon at the London Web Summit, Twilio announced the opening of Twilio Fund Europe, a micro fund which, partnered with 500 startups, will invest in startups using Twilio’s SaaS Telephonie services. This will be the third fund, the first two of which were restricted to US startups – this time, CEO Jess Dawson said, […]

Planning growth in France, Eventbrite puts out report on events in France

This week, Eventbrite welcomed journalists, clients, users, and enthusiasts to a special session with CTO Renaud Visage, as well as members of the London & SF office, including VP of Marketing Tamara Mendelsohn, during which Eventbrite discusses its progress so far as a company, and its future in France and across the world. The company, […]

LeCamping welcomes 12 new startups to its 4th Season of acceleration

Yesterday evening, LeCamping kicked off its 4th season at Google’s Paris office, announcing 12 new startups. As with previous seasons, the startups will go through a 6 month program, during which they will shape their business model, put out a minimum viable product, and master their startup pitch. Startups receive 4500€ (without giving up any […]

Sunrise: Ex-Foursquare UX Designers look to replace the last remaining default iPhone App: the Calendar.

Each new iPhone comes with a few in-house apps – mail, clock, weather, ,maps, etc. – and one-by-one, these apps have been outdone by competitor who devote their energy towards making these things easier. Sparrow killed the ‘mail’ app (and then Google all-but-killed Sparrow), Google killed Apple Maps, and the weather app has been replaced […]

20 (more) French startups whose names don’t work in English

A while back  I received a series of pitches from startups with ridiculous names, so I decided to share them in an effort to explain why they didn’t work in English, in order to help startups create a better brand identity. Since then, it seems like everyday where someone goes “Oh man, I can’t believe […]

Evernote passes 1 Million users in France, doubled in the past year

It seems like only yesterday that Evernote was launching Evernote Hello and announcing a partnership with Orange at LeWeb 2011, when I first got my hands on Evernote. This week, the company announced on their French blog that the company has passed one million users in France. The company counts more than 50 million users […]

Former Joshfire CTO Sylvain Zimmer launches Pricing Assistant, Pricing-As-A-Service for E-Commerce

On his personal blog today, Sylvain Zimmer announced that he is launching a new venture, Pricing Assistant, which he calls “pricing-as-a-service” for eMerchants. The former CTO of Joshfire, and founder of Jamendo, TEDxParis, dotConferences & more said of the launch: “Airlines and hotels have been investing heavily in advanced pricing tools for decades but there […]

Musings on advanced urban ecosystems

For the second time in a month this weekend, fortune had it that I caught one of the brand new trains on RER B. I’ve long suspected that one of the reasons that keeps Paris below other world-class cities in various rankings (such as the recent 11th out of Startup Genome’s Top 20 Startup Ecosystems) […]