Sorry VentureVillage, numbers don't lie – Paris outranks Berlin

Scrolling through my twitter feed this morning, I came across a wonderful tweet by @VentureVillage, one of Berlin’s English language startup blogs (there’s also Techberlin & Silicon Allee, EU Startups, & others). The tweet commented on Startup Genome’s most recent report on startup cities, which places Berlin(#15), Paris(#11), and London(#7) in the top 20 European […]

myBlee's education apps for kids continue to grow internationally

myBlee's education apps for kids continue to grow internationally

Fresh off a visit at General Assembly last week for the European Buffet, I’ve got my eye on alternative education startups, and there is none more advanced in France than myBlee. They have 20 iOS apps and 4 Apps on Windows 8 dedicated to education for children,  primarily basic mathematics courses. Their apps have 70,000+ […]

Appsfire 4.0 – finally mobile app discovery the way it should be

Appsfire 4.0 – finally mobile app discovery the way it should be

This week news was buzzing that over 1 million apps had been approved in the app store since its launch (as reported by Appsfire); what better a time for someone to come along and dethrone it as the go-to place for finding new apps. Appsfire announced today the release of Appsfire 4.0, which they think […]

Vevo launches in France, Spain and Italy with 50K new videos

Vevo, the #2 video site in the US, broadened its European expansion with launches in France, Spain and Italy after kicking-off its expansion last year in the UK.  Given that Vevo was founded out of a partnership between the music majors Universal and Sony, YouTube and Abu Dhabi Media Company, their positioning focuses on licensed music […]

Lekiosk raises 5.6M€ to go international

Lekiosk, the self-professed ‘World’s first 3D newstand’, has just announced that they closed a series B round, raising 2.85M€ from CM-CIC (who also invested in Deezer) and 2.75M€ from CDC Entreprises (Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations). They plan to leverage their newly raised funding to extend their geographic reach beyond France and (recently launched) UK […]

Supermarket giant Carrefour launches 1st virtual store in France

This week in the Part-Dieu region of Lyon, France, passersby were surprised at a new type of “pop-up store” – a 9×9 stand filled with images of 300+ supermarket goods lined with barcodes – Carrefour’s 1st experiment at a virtual store. The test store will be available until October 18th, thought another store is expected […]

SGW France – Keeping Social Good Social

Hats off to Mailforgood and its brainchild, Social Good Week France – a string of events celebrating “digital solidarity” from September 25 to October 2. Rallying around the theme of “How new technology is changing the world,” the initiative brought together a number of France’s top civic innovators in eight cities across the country. Needless […]

Giftiz Incentivizes Games to create Active Gamers

Two of the biggest and most daunting challenges in the games sector are enticing gamers to try new games and getting them to be highly engaged within the game (i.e. longer and more frequent game play). It goes without saying that, as a first step, the game itself must be fun and engaging, but this […]

French study shows Child Tablet use on the Rise

Research shows that sitting motionless for hours contributes to weight gain, attention disorders and drops in intelligence. At work, on the train and at home people stay glued to glowing tablets, computer screens and mobile devices. How have our habits changed with the increasing dependence on smartphones? Have we taught our kids that accessing ‘’instant” stuff […]

London hosts the Global Daily Deals Expo

After a successful European summit this past march, the Global Daily Deals Association (GDDA) will be hosting a full-fledged expo at the end of this month in London. The event is set to bring together speakers from Fourquare, LivingSocial & hundreds of industry experts to talk about the future of Daily Deals. The event fill discuss topics […]