Rude VC: Outsmarting the system vs. Cheating

Two distinct incidents in the sporting world stood out last month that caught my attention in their contrast on a similar theme. Undoubtedly the most prominent was the United States Anti Doping Agency’s (USADA) stripping of Lance Armstrong’s seven Tour de France championship titles. Quick recap: USADA alleged that Lance had used banned substances during […]

PR for Start-ups (series 2/3): Paying for PR

PR for Start-ups (series 2/3): Paying for PR

This is the second guest article submitted by an experienced Press Relations professional  who is currently working for a prominent European PR group, and wished to remain anonymous.   There will come a time when you’ll have to start paying someone to do your PR. This point is usually situated somewhere between your series B […]

Smart Address Book startup Kwaga purchases BoxCar

Smart Address Book startup Kwaga purchases BoxCar

This afternoon, French startup Kwaga, creator of smart address book service WriteThat.Name, announced its acquisition of New York-based startup BoxCar for an undisclosed amount. Founded in June 2009, BoxCar’s push notification applications for iPhone received $150K seed round from the Paris-based Kima Ventures this past March. In the announcement, Kwaga CEO Philippe Laval stated that the […]

Dandybox: a review of their first box for men!

One of the (small) perks of being a journalist is getting free stuff. When I interviewed Pierre Entremont, one of the co-founders of Dandybox, he only had an empty box to show (which he duly did, and even posed with it!), and he talked about the contents of the box.But he promised me a free […]

Rude VC: Google's insidious plot with Yahoo!

Anyone reading the tech press last week couldn’t avoid the gushing over Marissa Mayer’s appointment to become CEO of Yahoo!. Google’s first female engineer and the brains behind the elegantly simple white search home page, the 37-year old Mayer will face a tremendous new challenge in taking the helm of the ailing internet company. Whether she will […]

Kobojo Co-founder: "Social = Mobile"

Interview conducted with Trista Bridges.  I met with Franck Tetzlaff, CEO and co-founder of Kobojo, France’s 2nd larget social games publisher, to ask him about Kobojo’s vision for the year to come. It is a clear and hungry one. Franck Tetzlaff believes that social games and mobile games are fast becoming one and the same thing. […]

Social Network study shows ~%100 penetration in France.

Late last week, Médiamétrie published their annual survey of social network usage, which found that the French have flocked in droves to social media.   Approximately 99% of internet users (as of mid-2011, there were just under 40 million in France) are aware of at least one social network, 77% are now signed up to one […]

Sparrow Investors not happy with acquisition

I just sent out the Rude Baguette Weekly Digest – for those who aren’t on it, go ahead and sign up to the right of the page or here. In it, I gave my thoughts on the Sparrow acquisition by Google, which has had a variety of reactions across the web. Pandodaily cried inside, French […]

Wikileaks re-opens donations thanks to French Carte Bleue system

Wikileaks, the repository for leaked private information, has been in the sights of the US government ever since they published a boatload of US classified data. Let’s take a closer look. Why is this undesirable? Governments are sore losers when it comes to information extraction. They’ll bend over backwards to spy on its own and […]

Google Play now contains eBooks – France to Finance Competitor

Early last month, Google came to an agreement with various book publishers and authors, ending a 6-year dispute which centered on the digitisation of out of print French works.  In return for getting the publishers’ and authors agreement to bring hundreds of thousands of previously out of print French works to the market, Google also agreed […]