Game Connection Europe 2012 announces first Marketing Awards competition

As mentioned previously, Game Connection will soon be holding its annual games industry conference of reference, Game Connection Europe (November 28-30, 2012  at Paris’ Porte de Versailles).  Rude Baguette is very excited to announce that we will be a media partner for this year’s conference!  Over the next several weeks we will be keeping you up-to-date on […]

Rude VC: Okay President Hollande, you’ve got our attention!

Rude VC: Okay President Hollande, you’ve got our attention!

{The following is merely a tongue-in-cheek attempt at an imaginary letter I could write to President François Hollande. Its opinions are purely personal and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer or my industry.} Dear Mr. President, First off, thank you for opening my mail. If you’re reading this letter, you would be the […]

Andromede takes shape…le sigh

Andromede takes shape…le sigh

In a move that’s certain to frustrate France’s entrepreneurial ecosystem even more, Andromède’s structure is finally place.  Andromède has now morphed into two companies, also known as ‘National Champions’ (I guess this is the government’s attempt to create some competition?).  The first company is called Numergy which comprises SFR and Bull and the second called […]

Criteo teaming up with Yahoo! Japan for exclusive partnership

Criteo has announced that they will be partnering with Yahoo! Japan to deliver personalized display advertising across Yahoo! Japan’s news, entertainment and sports information sites.  After having shut off retargeters back in November last year, Yahoo! Japan apparently came to realize the value personalized display advertising can deliver and, consequently, made the decision to enter […]

Rude VC: Outsmarting the system vs. Cheating

Two distinct incidents in the sporting world stood out last month that caught my attention in their contrast on a similar theme. Undoubtedly the most prominent was the United States Anti Doping Agency’s (USADA) stripping of Lance Armstrong’s seven Tour de France championship titles. Quick recap: USADA alleged that Lance had used banned substances during […]

PR for Start-ups (series 2/3): Paying for PR

This is the second guest article submitted by an experienced Press Relations professional  who is currently working for a prominent European PR group, and wished to remain anonymous.   There will come a time when you’ll have to start paying someone to do your PR. This point is usually situated somewhere between your series B […]

Smart Address Book startup Kwaga purchases BoxCar

This afternoon, French startup Kwaga, creator of smart address book service WriteThat.Name, announced its acquisition of New York-based startup BoxCar for an undisclosed amount. Founded in June 2009, BoxCar’s push notification applications for iPhone received $150K seed round from the Paris-based Kima Ventures this past March. In the announcement, Kwaga CEO Philippe Laval stated that the […]

Dandybox: a review of their first box for men!

One of the (small) perks of being a journalist is getting free stuff. When I interviewed Pierre Entremont, one of the co-founders of Dandybox, he only had an empty box to show (which he duly did, and even posed with it!), and he talked about the contents of the box.But he promised me a free […]

Rude VC: Google's insidious plot with Yahoo!

Anyone reading the tech press last week couldn’t avoid the gushing over Marissa Mayer’s appointment to become CEO of Yahoo!. Google’s first female engineer and the brains behind the elegantly simple white search home page, the 37-year old Mayer will face a tremendous new challenge in taking the helm of the ailing internet company. Whether she will […]

Kobojo Co-founder: "Social = Mobile"

Interview conducted with Trista Bridges.  I met with Franck Tetzlaff, CEO and co-founder of Kobojo, France’s 2nd larget social games publisher, to ask him about Kobojo’s vision for the year to come. It is a clear and hungry one. Franck Tetzlaff believes that social games and mobile games are fast becoming one and the same thing. […]