Former Joshfire CTO Sylvain Zimmer launches Pricing Assistant, Pricing-As-A-Service for E-Commerce


pricingassistantOn his personal blog today, Sylvain Zimmer announced that he is launching a new venture, Pricing Assistant, which he calls “pricing-as-a-service” for eMerchants. The former CTO of Joshfire, and founder of Jamendo, TEDxParis, dotConferences & more said of the launch:

“Airlines and hotels have been investing heavily in advanced pricing tools for decades but there is one industry that has been paradoxically slow in this game: E-commerce.”

Currently being tested in private beta on a few E-Commerce sites, Zimmer says he plans to offer the service on a per-product-per-month basis, starting “below 100€/month for a few hundred products, and up from there.” This is similar to Lengow‘s approach, who has had much success selling to eMerchants.

Alongside cofounder Martin de Charette, Sylvain plans to move the company to New York in 8 to 10 months where he plans to raise a Series A, while leaving the technical team in Paris. Zimmer has been heavily involved in the Paris community, and will continue animating the tech world through his dotConferences series, alongside cofounder Ferdinand Boas.

Sylvain Zimmer also recently participated in his first investment, a 370K€ seed round in LeCamping graduate Sketchfab alongside Tapulous founder Andrew Levy and others.