Here are the 20 startups selected for Seedcamp Paris


seedcamp logoThe European micro-investment fund and mentoring program Seedcamp have announced the 20 startups who will be attending Seedcamp Paris next Monday, December 3rd. The full-day event, which precedes LeWeb annually by one day, will be attended by a mix of local and international mentors, such as Kwaga founder and mentor Philippe Laval, Index VenturesMartin Mignot (1 of our “5 French VCs to follow on Twitter“), Ballou PR founder and former Parisian Colette Ballou, as well as influencers from Yammer, Groupon, and Orrick (full list available on the Seedcamp blog).
While the event is taking place in Paris, Seedcamp accepts applications from all over Europe, and so the accepted startups are a mix of various European countries. French Seedcamp alumni include Teleportd, who just raised $1M for its Instagram Analytics solution Nitrogram, Stupeflix, Kwaga, Sparkeo, and Psykosoft, also a Techstars Boston graduate.
Seedcamp Paris ChartOverall, the representation looks pretty good for the event. 10 Countries are represented, though the UK & France make up for over half of the companies, followed by Germany, and a spattering of other EU countries. There are startups from major hubs, like Paris, London, and Berlin, but also lesser hubs, like Cambridge & Cologne.

Without further ado, the 20 startups in Alphabetical order

Algolia(Paris) – Algolia makes mobile apps smarter with outstanding typo tolerant instant search. We are solving a major problem for tens of thousands of mobile apps: Search usability. Using our SDK, apps’ developers can deliver in minutes a blazing fast search with instant visual feedback and typo-tolerance that would otherwise be hardly feasible. %CODE1%
All-Desk (Lisbon) – All-Desk is a global marketplace for offering, finding, booking and administering short term meeting rooms and offices. Clients use All-Desk to find meeting rooms, co- work spaces, temporary field offices in a single simplified marketplace. Locations use All-Desk to market their facilities, control reservations, and collect payments. %CODE2%
Bark (London) -Bark simplifies your social media communication by automating cross network posting and more importantly bringing back all feedback on those networks into one unified thread. It allows users to keep overview, react faster, manage their social communication and follow that of others. Monetization will happen through freemium and contextual advertising. %CODE3%
CityHook (Dublin) – Have you ever planned a trip away and realized that you don’t know how to find a transfer between the airport and your final destination? CityHook finds the best way between airport and downtown. Since everyone travels differently, we compare everything from bus, taxi, train and limo to suit every passenger profile. We cover over 130+ European airports and growing worldwide. %CODE4%
Decor (Gothenburg, Sweden) – With our tool, Decor, anyone can design a custom Facebook business page without a single line of code. This will make it possible for small business owners to create engaging content for their audience, gain fan loyalty and boost their sales. The free version will spread the word and grow our user base. The pro version will let users get access to increased functionality through paid subscriptions. %CODE5% (Moscow) – is a discovery engine for dishes. Our proprietary technology counts citations of dishes in already existing reviews, adds pictures of each dish and is able to recommend what’s best to order at any restaurant. We checked the concept with potential users. The results are very encouraging: 80% would download the app, 60% have left their email addresses to be notified when we launch. %CODE6%
Ever(Paris) – Ever is the moment publishing platform. Ever fills the gap between micro-blogging and photo-sharing by creating a new type of publishing medium based on moments: a AIR. Capture easily a single moment. Add multiple pictures, multiple thoughts, alone or together. Everything gets automatically displayed into a simple and intuitive dashboard. %CODE7%
GoodsMove(Saint-Quentin, France) – GoodsMove is new ERP – supply chain management – solution for, focused on real flows. GoodsMove lets an SMB manage Goods flows – including supply, manufacturing, orders, deliveries, etc – and associated Cash flows. Salesforce users need a native ERP solution that lets them have the whole vision of their business on the same platform. Because GoodsMove is focused on real goods flows -not book-keeper view – it is unique and very different to existing (US-only based) solutions. Pricing is €80 per month per user. %CODE8%
Gousto(London) – Gousto is a weekly subscription service, making it easy for customers to cook delicious and well-balanced meals at home. Customers choose from a wide selection of recipes online and receive the ingredients in the correct proportions together with an easy-to-follow recipe card delivered to their door. %CODE9%
Kitchen Trotter(Paris) – An innovative concept about world food. we let subscribers travel without leaving the kitchen. Each month, they receive in the mail a cooking kit. They will find 3 recipes from one destination, and 6 to 7 ingredients to cook those recipes. The client will only need to complete with regular groceries, and to dress up for cooking. Kitchen Trotter also offers its clients the opportunity to meet each other around cooking classes with our partner Cook and Go. %CODE10% – offers convenient access to practical solutions for everyday challenges. It’s a collaborative platform that connects DIY-enthusiasts all over the world, allowing them to share, discuss, and build upon their ideas. Its core are simple step-by-step guides that can be altered, refined, and combined by its users, enabling everyone to find a specific solution for their individual need.   %CODE11%
Lutebox(London) – Lutebox is the easiest and fastest way to share products privately with friends while sending them push-to-talk messages. Before Lutebox, the way people would share and chat around products found online would be to email links across and then call up friends to discuss them, which would be slow, unorganized and a real hassle. Lutebox is instant, social, and convenient. %CODE12%
PrepLounge(Cologne) – PrepLounge is an interactive video learning platform that builds on twoway video communication. We take online learning to the next level in three steps: 1) We match people interested in learning the same skills 2) We have them practice in an interactive meeting room 3) Finally, we enable them to review their performance based on peer feedback %CODE13%
Risely(Paris) – Risely is a social blogging platform that connects bloggers to readers based on their common interests and allows them to quickly monetize their content. Through social interaction (views, shares or comments), bloggers with great stories can “Rise” and acquire increased exposition. %CODE14%
SHEBUSA(Luxembourg) – We offer to active women Made to Measure Luxury Goods exclusively produced by European Master Craftsmen: business clothes, Shirts, Belts, Fur coats, Handbags, Small Maroquinerie, Hats, Bracelets. We offer one-to-one service and cross-channel strategy through our webstore and brick and mortar concept stores. %CODE15%
Tanaza(Milan) – Tanaza virtualizes multi-vendor Wi-Fi Access Points, providing a centralized cloud-based solution to manage wireless networks. Tanaza approach eliminates the need for an expensive, dedicated hardware controller and is compatible with SOHO level Access Points of 3rd parties such as D-Link, Ubiquti, TP-Link, Netgear as well as Enterprise level devices, such as Cisco or Ruckus Wireless. %CODE16%
Tint(Paris) – Tint is the Facebook travel application whereby you can plan experiences with your 80,000 Facebook friends of friends : Have a drink with Anna in London. Talk about your next travel destination with Yun coming from Korea. Just enjoy the spirit of Lisbon with Luisa.  %CODE17%
tl;dr(Paris) – crowdsources summaries of webpages. It is harder than ever to find and consume relevant content on the Internet. We want to make this easier and faster by providing human-written summaries for any webpage, accessible by anyone at the click of a button. Ultimately, we want to become the summary layer of the Web, so that anyone needing summaries can call our API or use our tools. %CODE18%
Trackerbird(Mellieha, Malta) – Trackerbird is a cloud service for software companies that anonymously tracks installations and user engagement of their software products, providing actionable BI reports and Conversion Funnel analysis. We help product managers answer critical PM/marketing questions so they can shape their product and marketing strategy around facts, not just gut feelings.  %CODE19%
Unifyo(Cambridge, UK) – Unifyo is a disruptive data integration tool which helps customer facing employees at SMEs to get 360 customer profiles inside any website while they browse. SMEs are underserved and handicapped when it comes to data integration, leaving a time sink for employees to look up relevant customer info from a multitude of systems and letting employees act out of sync. %CODE20%