Wired 2013 once again showcasing the future on October 17th & 18th in London

Wired 2013 once again showcasing the future on October 17th & 18th in London


This coming October 17th & 18th Wired, together with Telefonica, will host the third edition of its flagship event WIRED 2013, which gathers pioneering speakers from around the world to stimulate debate, spread ideas and showcase the future. Keeping true to the values of their much-celebrated magazine, Wired strives with their top conference to expand the debate on innovation and disruptive ideas to various sectors including social media, healthcare, nanotechnology, architecture, pop culture, big data, charity, sociology and business.

WIRED 2013 offers attendees a great opportunity to step outside of their comfort-zone to tackle topics and issues which often fall outside of their normal day-to-day routine. Whether it be through the various talks, keynotes or experiential demo Test Lab, attendees will get the chance to see and experience ‘what’s next’. This year’s agenda includes such diverse and audacious themes as hacking your senses, how to bring the next billion online, the new story tellers, and many more. True to form, the speakers are not only global leaders in their sectors, but also those that have made their mark through using disruptive thinking and ideas to shake-up their respective fields. Here’s just a hint of some of the noteworthy speakers on dock at this year’s edition:

  • Kevin Ashton, technology pioneer and creator of popular fake online persona who also coined the term ‘The Internet of Things’
  • Lang Lang, leading Chinese concert pianist who partnered with Google and YouTube to assemble the first-ever online collaborative orchestra, the You Tube Symphony Orchestra
  • Deepak Ravindran, leader of fast-growing mobile company Innoz who has created India’s “offline search engine” to connect millions to the internet
  • Carl Bass, President and CEO of Autodesk, a world leader in 3D design,engineering and entertainment software and services;
  • Björk, Icelandic singer-songwriter and music innovator, who turned an album into an interactive music app;

If you’d like to attend, make sure to enter the code WRUD10 when registering to take advantage of the special 10%-off rate for Rude Baguette readers.