Game Connection brings the Games Industry to the City of Light | December 3rd-5th

Game Connection brings the Games Industry to the City of Light | December 3rd-5th


The European edition of Game Connection’s leading games industry event is coming back to Paris this December 3rd – 5th.  With a change of venue and a fully multi-track and multi-platorm event, Game Connection is continuing to evolve its experience for participants.  This year, the event will be held at the Paris Docks (which will also host Le Web the following week) and, while still aiming to position itself as the meeting place for video game professionals, they’re also striving at this year’s edition to encourage business relationships between developers and publishers, marketing experts and journalists in the industry.  So as Game Connection founder Pierre Carde puts it:

“The new version of Game Connection Europe stays focused on three days of intensive business designed for CEOs, VCs, business devs and acquisition managers, but will also offer conferences, workshops and master classes for professionals eager to learn, share and connect with peers”

Meet and Learn

Game-connectionWithin the games industry, Game Connection has long been associated with being one of the key events to meet and do business with others from the industry.  Even the way the conference tends to be laid-out, with its open-plan meeting tables and closed meeting rooms, reinforces this premise. However, in recent years, Game Connection has been adding an increasing level of informative, industry-focused content to the program via new master classes, workshops and conferences. These new aspects to the program have been a big success for the organizing team and, as such, they’re expanding what’s on offer at this year’s edition. Tackling various subjects affecting the games industry, this year’s conferences and master classes will be divided into:

  • 6 tracks:  Visual arts, Game design, Technology, Business, Marketing & Production  and
  • 4 platforms:  PC and Consoles, PC Online, Mobile, & Emerging platforms

The conferences, workshops and master-classes will focus on numerous pertinent topics for the sector including How to help overseas partners in the Chinese mobile game market ,How to make a game a global sport,Truly cross-platform – combining a digital gaming experience with physical products and toys, and many more. The first speakers have now been announced which you can check-out here.

Celebrating Talent and Innovation in Game Development and Marketing

Two additional highlights of the conference are the crowning of the winners of their long-standing Select Projects competition, rewarding top innovation coming from new and independent game developers, and the recently created Marketing Awards, honoring top work of game marketing professionals. As with the masterclasses and workshops,  the Selected Projects awards will also take a multi-platform approach with three main categories, namely PC & Console, Mobile – Tablet Handheld, and Social, Casual and Online. Winning Selected Projects has proven to be very useful in terms of getting game developers’ work noticed and can even being the catalyst for big deals. For example, last year’s Game Connection Europe winner Badland went on to be one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store and won an “Apple Design Award” at Apple’s recent WWDC. The 15 finalists, which like last year are anticipated to be a geographically diverse mix of top up-and-coming talent from across the industry, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Early Bird Tickets only Available Thru October 2nd 

If you’d like to attend, make sure you get your tickets early on b/c the early bird rate which offers a significant savings over the standard tickets, won’t be available beyond October 2nd, . You can register here. Rude Baguette is excited to be a media partner again for this year’s edition, so hoping to see you a the event!