Paris Accelerator TheFamily to open a CoWorking Castle in Normandy

Paris Accelerator TheFamily to open a CoWorking Castle in Normandy

We’ve spoken in the past of the excess of Accelerators, Incubators & Coworking spaces in Europe, but this might just take the cake. A new subdomain ( on Paris Accelerator TheFamily‘s site puts an interesting twist on the idea of a CoWorking Space. While it’s more of a retreat for internet startups who need to disconnect from Paris & the onslaught of questions, events, and meetings, the Castle promises a high-speed internet connection, videoconferencing software, and, of course, parties.

Lords & Guests

Normandy may not be known for many successful startups – online presentation software Bunkr is based there – but the ‘brochure’ suggests conferences and meetings with key members of the ecosystem, as well as a strategic connection to London as well.

With over 30 startups under its wing, this may be the beginning of TheFamily’s branching out, both in its reach and its offerings to its startups. Startups looking for a company retreat, or in need of a month-long coding session need only head two hours northwest to find themselves separated from the noise. I can’t say I’ll be getting away from it all anytime soon – although, partying in a castle is always enjoyable – but I’m sure there are plenty of off-site meetings in castles that will start being planned in the upcoming months.

For startupers looking for a different kind of experience, the Castle is even looking for someone to ‘animate’ it. It requires the usual skillsets: the ability to put your good vibes into something, empathy & passion, and, of course, the willingness to literally live as the Lord/Lady of a castle. Interestingly enough, the contact for The Castle is Marjolaine Grondin, co-founder of, a TheFamily startup. The startup’s site still shows just a landing page; perhaps this is the beginning of the end for Blackbird?

So: weekend in a castle. Who’s in?