Deezer teams up with FNAC to suggest concert tickets to users

Deezer teams up with FNAC to suggest concert tickets to users

Deezer - Fnac partnership

Looking to offer their users a more comprehensive music experience, Deezer has announced an exclusive deal with FNAC’s France Billet ticket business to facilitate purchases of concert tickets directly on their platform. Having offered users the ability to listen to and purchase digital downloads of streamed music, going one step further and connecting streaming to a live musical experience is a natural evolution for the digital music leader.

In addition, adding this service also helps them further differentiate themselves from their top competitor Spotify as until now, the functionality and services offered by both have been fairly similar. This deal now helps Deezer to better position itself vis-a-vis its streaming rivals by credibly offering users a fuller, end-to-end music experience.

In addition to ticket sales, the deal will also give Deezer users access to concert agendas and, in the case of premium subscribers, special ticket promotions (eg free ticket contests, advanced reservations). Of course, the agreement between the two companies will be reciprocal as Deezer’s catalog will also be accessible via France Billet, giving FNAC users the ability to listen to samples of music before reserving tickets.

Having closed its own digital music download service late last year and migrating to iTunes (likely due to increasing pressures across the entire multimedia retail sector), leveraging Deezer’s catalog to bring back this benefit for FNAC consumers looks to be a smart strategic move and good fit for both partners.

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